How To Track The Growth Of Your 18 Month Old Toddler?

The feeling of having a baby is unique and very pleasing for parents. But they are also worried about the growth and development of their child. So if you are a parent of an 18 Month Old Toddler, you can expect many daily life activities from your child.

Make sure you have the energy to keep up with the 18 Month Old Toddler because this is the stage where he can crawl, walk, hide, hold, and, yes, run. This is when they can start to figure out how to rip off their diapers, so get ready to meet the little rascals at home!

Growth Of Your 18 Month Old Toddler

Movement Skills

If your baby is around 18 Month Old Toddler, he/she must have learned to perform these movement skills if you noticed.

  • Walking on his own without taking support
  • Climbing the steps of your house
  • Jumping to get a toy
  • Pull a toy while walking

Also, make sure they can climb their crib; if yes, don’t sleep your child in the crib. He can wake up in the night and fall out of the crib. So if this is the case, it is safer to shift him on the bad. Don’t put such things in your room or house, where he can climb and fall.

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Start to notice that your baby is not growing much at this time. You are used to your baby’s continuous growth 18 Month Old Toddler, but now he has turned into a toddler(a child between 1-3 years of age), and the growth rate tends to slow down.

According to the World Health Organization (World Health Organization), the weight range of a young toddler is 21.6 to 23.4 pounds for girls and 23.2 to 24.1 pounds for boys.

Hand & Finger Development

Along with activities and movement of the baby child, physical parts of the baby like hands, fingers, legs, etc., also grow in size. To track the growth of these body parts, you must know about 18 Month Old Toddler.

  • Drink from a cup
  • Eat with a spoon
  • Help undressed themselves
  • Stack two objects or blocks

When they are close to 18 Month Old Toddler, they will easily manipulate objects with their thumb and index finger (for example, turning a knob or inserting a round nail into a hole). You can develop these skills by putting large square nails into matching holes (which are more complicated than round nails because you have to check the angles), stacking five or six pieces, or taking apart and reassembling toys to develop these skills. Sometimes you can let them support themselves, even if it’s tricky.

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Language skills

At this age, your child must be able to use 10 to 25 words at least. To say the word “no” and shake your head to answer the question 18 Month Old Toddler. 

  • Make a speech-like sound (babble). 
  • Understand the concepts of “in” and “on.” 
  • Repeating some of the words heard in the conversation. 
  • points to people when naming and identifying objects in the book 

It would be best if you continued talking with your child to develop language skills. It is not uncommon for them to say something that no one can understand better than their parents.

They can also use a word instead of a complete sentence like “up” to indicate that “pick me up!” It takes time to speak, so if they seem to take longer than other people’s children, don’t be frustrated. They may one day “understand” and never talk often into complete sentences.

Social & Emotional Skills

To check if your child is building up emotional and social skills, Your child must have to Pass on objects as a game to others. 

  • Lose their temper. 
  • Be afraid of strangers. 
  • Serve their parents or caregivers in a new situation. 
  • Express their love for people he knows. 
  • Explore on their own while parents are around. 

This is the beginning of the test for the child. Your child may say “no” to any novel situation or start to lose his temper to achieve his goals. What happened to your cute girl? She did everything you asked her to do? They are still there, but they learn to be independent, trying to do things their way.

They also start to understand what sharing is (offering something to someone), although they may withdraw immediately 18 Month Old Toddler. Being a parent, it is your onus to tell them that losing your temper is unacceptable, and they have to bear the consequences for their misbehaviour. But the most important thing is to be patient with them as they solve problems.

Learning and Thinking Development

Your child must be able to Understand the purpose of ordinary things: brush, spoon, or chair 18 Month Old Toddler.

  • point to a specific part of the body
  • to scribble alone without making any gestures, 
  • follow a one-step verbal command (for example, when you tell them to “sit,” they can sit down) 
  • To pretend they are playing like feeding a doll. 

At this stage, children like games with “rewards.” For example, they press a button, and some music starts playing. They will also like to play with bubbles you blow or repeat nursery rhymes with actions.

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Development Delays

If your child cannot do any of the following within 18 Month Old Toddler, please tell your doctor:

  • Point to show things to others
  • Walk or run
  • Copy what others do.
  • Must be aware of the uses of ordinary things like a comb, cup, spoon, bowl, etc.
  • Able to speak at least six words
  • Notice when you leave or return in the room
  • Remember skills they used to perform every day

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your child also is screened for autism and general development at 18 Month Old Toddler. This is especially important if they show signs of developmental delay. 

Screen Time 

Children under 18 Month Old Toddler do not understand that the symbols on the screen represent equivalent objects in the real world. So the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that children watch any screen before that age, whether on or on TV.

18 months can learn from high-quality educational programs. Still, their parents must protect and re-teach the courses with them. So don’t let children watch the screen by themselves.

The development of a child is a primary concern for parents. We have mentioned here all the products which you must see in your 18 months toddler. If your child lacks anywhere, you must consult with your doctor.

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