50+ best sad status in English

Whatsapp and Fb statuses about a sad life It’s impossible to remove happiness and sadness from our lives. They are part of who we are. For us to be happy, there must be several reasons for us to be sad. Everyone can show their happiness, but many people can’t show their sadness. That’s why StatusB4u has the best heartfelt, sad life quotes and statuses for you to choose from. It’s possible to share these statuses on your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts!

There are heartfelt, sad statuses for GF, BF, wife, and husband that you can only find on our site. People are often hurt by their partners. If you want to get into a depressed state in English, this article is for you.

Sad status in English 

  • Try not to cry now that it’s over, but smile because it did.
  • Silence is another word for pain.
  • I don’t have many close friends, but I know a lot.
  • In this case, it won’t end.
  • People who care will always be hurt.
  • To teach me things I don’t want to learn
  • A lousy horse is better than no horse at all.
  • Saltwater can help with anything, whether it’s sweat, tears, or the sea
  • If you cry one day, call me. I can’t make you laugh, but I want to cry with you
  • As long as you don’t hurt yourself when you stay quiet, you can always go for it!
  • The people, not the feelings, go when you move on from a place.

Sad status in English by famous personalities 

  • It’s all luck in the end. — Donald J. Trump.
  • There are times when no words can adequately express what is happening. David Seltzer, author.
  • A life wasted is a life lost too soon. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
  • The solutions to life’s questions aren’t hidden towards the back of the book. It’s Charlie Brown! –
  • A person’s life may be split into two categories: terrible. Theodore
  • When weeping becomes a written term, it is a need. Paulo Coelho, author
  • Tears are like a summer downpour for the spirit. Alfred Austin, the founder, and creator
  • Only those who have given up will experience the emotions of rage, grief, and despair. I’m talking about Katie Gill here.
  • The capacity to cope with difficulties, not their absence, makes life worth living. The author of this article is Steve Maraboli.
  • To reminisce about happier times is one of the most painful feelings. In Dante’s words
  • Sorrows arrive in battalions, not one at a time. The Bard of Avon

Sad status in English for boys 

  • Hate is like acid. This will damage the stored vessel and the vessel it was put in.
  • It was excruciating when I left, and you let me go.
  • Please don’t bother me unless I want to talk to you.
  • Because you know you’re the reason they left, it hurts even more to miss them.
  • When you are good, you don’t get any praise. When you are evil, people will notice.
  • People think I’m wrong when I talk, but when you’re calm, you’re outraged!
  • I cried for the same reason you are.
  • You can’t protect yourself from sadness and happiness at the same time.
  • You might need someone to look at you in the eye, hug you tight, and say, “I know you aren’t. You’re not fine.”
  • There is no way to smile to be happy if you have a sad smile, even if it is painful. This is different from a sad smile. 
  • When I smile, I’m happy. Sometimes, I smile to hide my sadness.
  • Sometimes it’s good to be alone. Everyone can’t hurt you.
  • Get to know their heart by how they treat their pets.
  • So many people are hurt when you go away.
  • Because you both know you love each other, but can’t live together is the worst thing in the world,
  • I can laugh and laugh. But there is a pain in the depths of my heart that you can’t even begin to understand.
  • Because I know these things are all lies, I tell people I’m good, and then I look in the mirror and laugh until I cry because I know they’re all lies.
  • The more I talk to you, and it doesn’t matter. It hurts more and more every day.
  • Many people love me, but so far, I’ve been alone. What’s going on? Sleep until I remember you because you aren’t alone.
  • We live even if you’re not around.
  • Whenever it rains, I like to go for a walk, so no one can see me cry.

Sad status in English for Instagram

  • The barriers we erect to protect ourselves from melancholy also block joy from entering. In the words of Jim Rohn
  • Without melancholy, the term ‘happy’ would be meaningless. In the words of Carl Jung
  • It’s natural to break down and weep when you realize that everyone you care about will either reject you or die. In the words of Chuck Palahniuk:
  • No one deserves your tears, but those who deserve them won’t make you weep. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez, novelist, and poet
  • My life would be worth a thousand reasons to die and a million tears that I could shed. the Draconian
  • Sadness has a cowardly extension in the form of anger. Getting angry at someone is far simpler than telling them you’re hurt. Tom Gates
  • There is no greater killer than a sorrowful spirit. Steinbeck attributed the quote to John Steinbeck.
  • Unfortunately, opportunities don’t come along often enough to warrant repeat visits. Gloria Estefan, singer, and songwriter
  • What you need to know about me is that I’m an extremely depressed person. – John Green (author)
  • People don’t cry because they are weak. They cry because they are hurt. Because they have been vital for a long time, this is why.
  • It doesn’t matter how much you scream. It won’t be because of the same thing when you stop crying.
  • I did the right thing for people who did the wrong something.
  • When I smile, I’m happy. Sometimes, I smile to hide my sadness.
  • Silence is the most powerful way to speak.
  • People who move on have to let go.
  • If I die, will I miss tomorrow?
  • When I cry, I can hold them back and hide them with a smile. I can’t hide the hole in my heart, though.

Sad Status in English for WhatsApp

  • Sitting alone, your past comes to mind.
  • My eyes are closed when I’m not alone.
  • It’s the only way I can laugh because I’m going to have to cut it off.
  • You are feeling good only when you cry.
  • In life, I wouldn’t be happy without you.
  • One morning, you don’t want to live.
  • Everyone knows something went wrong, but no one knows why.
  • Sometimes it’s good to be alone. You can’t be hurt.
  • Things you don’t want to see can make you close your eyes, but you can’t complete your heart for things you shouldn’t feel.
  • You may hurt the people who love you the most. People who have lost you can often be found, but sometimes you learn too late.
  • Having happy thoughts makes you sad.
  • The diamond might have been lost when you were collecting stones. One day, it might dawn on you that it was there.
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Sad status for love 

  • Seeing that there is no shoulder to cry on is a sad thing.
  • Life isn’t always bright and sunny. Learn how to laugh when you’re hurt.
  • It’s better to be alone than to be with someone else.
  • Do not cry for people who don’t know how important your tears are.
  • Emotionally. I think about it. I was dead most of the time, but I was still alive. I made fun of myself.
  • Love is the person you think about when you hear sad music.
  • It’s silly that the person who bothers you should never swear.
  • I still care about the same thing.
  • When we take a picture together, you can remove us from it… But you can’t get rid of me from the memories we made together because you can’t.
  • Because you know you shouldn’t be, you get down.

Sad status in English for girls 

  • I was so alone and sad, and I couldn’t say how I felt.
  • Relationship: If it doesn’t make you a better person, you are with the wrong person.
  • A lousy horse is better than no horse at all.
  • These are scars that most people don’t notice. They are mostly painful, and they also take a long time to get better.
  • Sometimes it’s good to be alone. You can’t be hurt.
  • A farewell isn’t painful unless you never get to say hello again.
  • Incredibly, a person can break your heart, but you still love them with all of their little pieces in them.
  • How do you try to forget the person that you love?
  • I didn’t know what love was. I think its beauty comes at the start.
  • When your mouth can’t say how broken your heart is, your eyes can only speak through tears.
  • There are times when I want to go to sleep, but my mind won’t let me go.
  • Until you’re dead and alive, and worse.

Two lines sad status in English

  • It’s a joy to be alive. In the end, there is no pain. The tricky part is making the change. In the words of Jimi Hendrix
  • Please don’t come near my corpse if I die. So that I can’t wipe your tears any longer. CrystalWolfTear –
  • Everyone will perish. It’s just a part of being human. But if you don’t have a reason to live, you’re already dead. Kiba
  • For others, suicide is a method of saying, “You can’t dismiss me — I quit.” In the words of Bill Maher


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