52 Simple and quick ways to make someone happy

Making someone happy is the most beautiful and kind task to do. People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did, but they never forget that how you made them feel. That is why making someone happy without any reason is the most heartwarming and kind reason. 

Although we all want to b happy and smile every day, we all got no time for ourselves as we all got engaged in our hectic life schedule. As a result, we forget to enjoy the moment and always focus on our personal growth to do better than others, creating stress and no happiness. 

If you make someone smile, you can remove her pressure and stress, at least for a while. Moreover, by making someone happier, you can make them feel special. Thus, if you are the one who is searching for how can you make someone sad person happy, then you must read this article up to the length. We have shared the best and simple ways to make someone happy or make someone smile in this post. 

How to make someone happy

To make someone happy, you can apply the given ideas and make them joyful. Read the list of ways to make someone happy. 

  1. Give a smile 

Give a random smile to your family member or friend with sparkling eyes. Smile childishly and innocently. Give a smile to strangers also, in the way that you both were not going to meet soon or again. Do not expect the same reaction in return because not everyone is the same. Be careful! Do not give romantic smiles towards strangers on the street as this can result in that they can follow you for the wrong purpose. 

  1. Tell your lover that you love them. 

Tell your spouse that you love them, especially when you fight. Text them that you love them so much; this will help you to both become happy. 

  1. Give tips 

Giving tips is the best way to make someone happy. For example, if you find a person serving for you, give them a little recommendation according to your pocket. For example, if you find a person who carries your bag at the railway station, you can give them tips to make them feel internally happy. 

  1. Offering water 

Generally, offering water to the guest is a primary manner. However, when you offer water to delivery men, this could help to make them happy. Ask them to drink tea or coffee, no one will accept your offer, but they smile when they leave. You can also ask them to take care of themselves or tell them to walk carefully on wet floors or stairs. 

  1. Send random gift 

If you want to make someone happy, you can send heartwarming gifts to them. Ideally, you want to give gifts which will make someone smile or content, not those which are expensive. For example, you can send a coffee mug or box of chocolates. 

  1. Praise your maid 

Praising is the best way to make someone happy. Suppose you have a house caretaker, maid, or servant for your home. Do praise them often when they did their duty nicely. This generates a wave of happiness in their heart. 

  1. Without any reason, give a gift to your housekeeper or building guard.

Rather than a family utility like rice and oil, give your helper something for their personal use. Imagine getting a kilo of rice for your birthday.

How would you feel?

How about the same lipstick you wear?

How about the same socks?

Show them how you have the same one now.

  1. Take care of the sick person. 

If you find someone is sick around, take care of them. Ask them frequently that how they are feeling now. Give them lukewarm water or milk. Moreover, you can also bring an apple for them. A little care will contribute to bringing happiness. 

  1. Listen to people

Listen to people even you do not want to; listening to someone’s story peacefully to the end would work to make someone happy. By listening only, you made them feel special as well as delighted. 

  1. Do not ask the air hostess to carry your luggage.

 Never ask the air hostess to carry your heavy suitcase. Instead, try to help her. By doing this, you can make her feel happy. She will also appreciate your kindness. 

How to make someone smile

Have you ever wondered about making someone smile.  If yes, then this section is for you. This section contains some ways to make someone smile. But, first, read the given best and quick ideas to someone smile. 

  1.  Wipe the seat of public toilet

After using a public toilet, remember to wipe it. In case you finished with toilet paper, replace it or tell the housekeeping staff. this way, you can make numerous people happy.  In this way, you can put smiles on the faces of multiple examples, suppose people and you are also done with the task to make someone smile. 

  1. Help the old persons.

If you find any older man or older woman struggling with carrying their goods or luggage in the street, go to them and offer them help. Imagine this is your mother or father, or you are at the age of sixty. In this way, you can make someone smile.

  1. Hydrate you closed one. 

This one is a scientific fact that a hydrated body is a happy body. That is why try to offer water or fill your closed one’s water bottle to keep them hydrated. This is one of the simplest methods to make someone happy. When they become happy, this will automatically bring a smile to their face. In this way, you can make someone smile.

  1.  Give gifs to your parents. 

 Try to give gifts to your parents. Do not wait for any occasion like father’s day or birthday, not even Diwali or Christmas; try to provide them with a gift without any event. For example, you can buy non-costly items like their favorite food or flavored candles that also work. In this way, you can make someone smile.

  1.  Find out how often your client or boss, or colleague is there.

Do not just exchange pleasantries, but tell them a story from your life. Get the conversation going, and they will tell you about theirs. Our colleagues or clients spend a lot of time with us, but we rarely ask how they do. If you are in a formal relationship, the conversation doesn’t need to be too personal, but it shouldn’t be superfluous either. In this way, you can make someone smile and bring happiness to their hearts.

  1. Ask your friend to meet you for a coffee or a drink instead of holding a grudge against her for not attending your wedding or forgetting your birthday.

Often, our terrible circumstances prevent us from being with our friends, calling them, or even being the person they expect of us. Whenever someone complains about our absence or mentions it hurtfully, we will not apologize more sincerely but instead, retreat into our shells and become defensive. Let your dear ones make mistakes. As soon as you are not angry but are ready to listen to their side of the story, they seem to get closer to you and happier. Instead of giving each other more reasons to go apart, forgive.

  1. Instead of pushing your backpack on the overhead counter, let people move in the aisle.

Take a deep breath and decide what you will eat. Then, get up and put it in when everyone has moved. With such a small gesture, you will make many people in line happy. So, in his way, you can make someone smile. 

  1. Buy flowers without any reason. 

Don’t wait for an occasion to buy flowers for people around you. Your partner, friends, family, housekeeper, yourself, your hotel staff, your cat. Who doesn’t need some flowers? In this way, you can make someone smile.

  1. Reply positively

 Suppose you are the one who wants to make someone smile. Try to give positive replies. Although you o not say “no” directly, you can say, “I think I can not do this because I am not able to do this task.” adopt the habit of replying positively. In this way, you will not disappoint the second person, and you can also make someone smile.

  1. You can help them pick blueberries when someone drops a bag.

Even when a person has the stamina but also the patience to pick the berries herself, let her help you instead of trying to pick up your nickels one rainy afternoon when it’s raining hard. Then, you can do your best to help her be human and act according to the need of the moment to see a smile on her face. In this way, you can make someone smile.

How to make a sad person happy

In this article, we have almost discussed how to make someone happy and make someone smile. However, “how to make a sad person happy” is quite different from than above ideas. 

We have mentioned some of the ideas related to “how to make a sad person happy” in brief for your ease. You can apply these below-given ideas if you are searching for how to make a sad person happy. Read the mentioned ideas or ways to bring happiness to a sad person. 

  1. Smile.
  1. You can help them carry something.
  1. Thank them by email.
  1. Don’t hesitate to call to check on them.
  1. Bring them flowers.
  1. Prepare a tasty meal for them.
  1. Get your butts on fire and tell a joke.
  1. Clean.
  1. Love letters are a great way to show someone you care.
  1. Give them a book they’ll cherish.
  1. Bake cookies.
  1. Publicly acknowledge their accomplishments.
  1. Congratulations on a job well done.
  1. Listen.
  1. Don’t let them down when they need you.
  1. Give a free hug.
  1. Spend quality time with them
  1. Do errands or chores for them.
  1. Say I love you.
  1. Get them ahead of the game.
  1. Be proud of them.
  1. You can babysit if they need it.
  1. If they need it, they can house sit.
  1. Purchase the movie tickets.
  1. Create a care package.
  1. Coffee. Mmmm.
  1. You should let them know what you love about them.
  1. Keep thank-you notes hidden from them.
  1. When appropriate, give a back rub.
  1. Deliver a nice lunch to them when they’re having a rough day.
  1. Love them, completely.
  1. Be happy yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do you cheer up a sad person?

A. you can bring them a treat to lighten up their mood or give them free hug. Moreover, listening to the story behind their sadness will also work to cheer up a sad person.

Q. How do you make someone happy over text?

A. if you want o make a person happy over text you can take the help of funny pictures or videos. Moreover, compliments and appreciation text will also bring happiness and smile to their faces. 

Q.How do you change someone’s mood to happy?

A., in order to change someone’s mood to happy you, need to appreciate and motivate them. You can also tell jokes to make them laugh. Moreover, a little attention would also work. 

Q. What makes a girl happy?

Keep telling her how lucky you feel to have her in your life and how much you love her. Make her feel your love passionately by looking into her eyes. It will make her feel appreciated and special if you tell her how much you love her.



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