Black Clover Reveals Asta Full Demon Form

Although mana-less, Asta is on his way to becoming one of the most potent magical knights in the Clover Kingdom due to his particular Grimoire. Will Asta be persuaded by the Devil in his Grimoire, cast aside his ambitions to become a magical kingdom, and transform himself into a demon? Or is he going to carve his way ahead?

Asta has not become a demon but hosts and borrows inside his Grimoire the Devil’s abilities. Asta may become a demonic state by utilizing its capabilities.

Taking this into account, there might be a day when Asta would either lose control, and the Devil in Grimoire took possession of him or took complete control of the Demon. Anyway, if they happen, then it is likely that he will become a demon.

Black Clover When Does Asta Get His Demon Form?

Whoever keeps up with the anime of Black Clover knows that a demon is inside Asta’s Five Leaf Clover Grimoire. There is also a quotation about Black Clover, and the three clover leaves symbolize trust, hope, and love. Good luck lies inside a fourth leaf. A demon lives inside a fifth leaf. Asta, thus, is a demon-kid, some half-demon, some half-human child, or Asta gets some overshadowed demonic strength from her parents.

Since the animation began, Asta has manifested a secret power beyond magic and yet found in the Clover Kingdom. The day has finally arrived in Episode 63 when asta changes Ladros of the Diamond Kingdom into his Black Asta form in a dramatic way. In the footage below, you can see the fury.

What are Anvil and Wevil in Black Clover?

Now the phrase “Wevil” is Word Magic Devil. And Anti-Magic Devil relates to the word “Anvil.” So the Devil of Asta is the one named Anvil. And during the Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc, we saw the second Demon named Wevil since it utilizes Word Magic.

How was Astra Full Demon Form According to Book

After the last cliffhanger, Asta’s complete Devil Union form, the newest chapter of the series, is a little false since the form is far from comprehensive or valuable in the actual battle against the Spade Kingdom. But in revealing this, Chapter 273 of the book is not yet complete. Nevertheless, it offers us a first glimpse at Asta’s whole Devil Union which shows his present Devil as changing his arm.

Chapter 273 of the story takes up its form of the Devil Union, a little after the last cliffhanger when Nacht responds to Asta and Liebe. When the darkness goes gone, Asta shows that he used his Demon slasher Katana to cut a chunk out of the lair of the Night. Night comments that although Asta deliberately avoided striking him, his own Devil Union had been undone.

Night shows that Asta was able to cut down his magic and devil abilities and adds that Asta will really become the greatest warrior if he can make full use of anti-magics. But, unfortunately, it is not yet time for Night to affirm that Asta still needs to learn Devil Union. He and Liebe could trigger it, but the way they are now to the Spade Kingdom is a death punishment.

Black Clover Top 3 Character


Asta is a young guy with a highly muscular structure. He has green eyes and messy, ash-blonde hair with bangs in front of the forehead and a single strand coming up from his head center. They keeps his coat together with a black headband with the gold Black Bull symbol and a red four-pointed star on the back. He has several scars across his body from his complete physique and a significant scar on his belly, where one of Mars’ harps stabbed him.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami is a highly muscular, tall guy. He has grey eyes and medium-length black hair that is messily battled backward, so it sticks outwards. He also wears a scruffy mustache and beard. iF you are Fan of Marvels Movie Read- Iron Man 4

The attraction of Yami is fundamental and just comprises of a white A-shirt and black pants. The pants feature an additional layer of tan leather across their outside thighs and down to their knees. A waistband solely supports the pants. Yami has another set of belts that he uses to wear his Grimoire. Finally, he’s wearing high black boots covering much of his calves.

Charlotte Roselli

Charlotte is a tall woman with upper-length blonde hair, twined since her hair is typically tied to a bun with only one lonely twine falling on her left side, while her bangs have swept to the right side, bright blue eyes with a long visible lash and big pink lips. Her beauty is well known throughout the Kingdom of Clover, and she is considered the most beautiful lady when she doesn’t wear her helmet.

Is Asta a Demon?

Asta isn’t a devil. Yet. The Witch Queen uses her blood to curate Asta’s arms and finds that she is not from the eleven tribes or someone unique but has a mutation that reduces her mana and gives her the power to utilize Anti-Magic, what makes him special.

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