Avast vs Iolo.com Full Comparison of Best Cleanup Software

What Antivirus Software Does Avast Offer?

Avast provides four antivirus packages, all priced to be subscribed for a single year.

Free Avast Antivirus (Windows, macOS) is a cost-free program with both basic malware protection and specialized add-ons. Avast Free contains harmful file protection, emails, keyloggers, and other hacking tools, sites, and botnets. that hackers may use to attack your system.

Avast vs Iolo.com

Avast! reviewiolo review
Bottom LineFor Android, PCs with Windows Mac and linux Avast Antivirus had premium and free Antivirusiolo’s spyware protection has been proven to be efficient in preventing spyware, adware and other less stubborn infections. 
ProsFree version with full functionality Cybersecurity protection includes a camera protectionSpyware protectionMalware cleanupUnlimited licenses
ConsNo multi-year savings on subscriptionVPN included only at the highest levelNo Mac protectionAdvanced features cost extra
Customer SupportPhone & email support during business hoursInternational & US phone customer service
Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Pricing Features
Free trial
Money back guarantee
Choose a PlanFreeSystem Shield
Price per yearFree$31.96
Licence DurationUnlimitedUnlimited
Number Of Computers1Unlimited
Advance Firewall
Blocks 250,000,000+ daily threats
Browser Manager
Disk Cleaner
Duplicates Removal
Hard Drive Accelerator
Mobile security (for both Android and iOS)
Password manager
PC Optimization Tools
PC Tune-Up
Secures privacy on social media
Start-Up Guard
Supports PC
System Booster
Virus Removal
Real-time protection
Email protection
Wi-Fi protection
Parental control
Identity protection
Supports Mac

Iolo Overview August 2021

AVast v/s Iolo System Mechanic is a great tuning tool for Windows PCs only. It also promises to be a fully functioning antivirus that can provide strong protection and privacy online. However, my tests have shown that iolo lacks important functions, which I anticipate from a high-grade antivirus package.

While I am amazed by the optimization capabilities of iolo’s PC, I can state that this is not the all-in-one security and powerhouse it promises to be. Instead, I would suggest a complete (and well-tested!) antivirus program like Norton 360, which provides full protection plus and includes a number of helpful additional functions.

That is so if you are searching for a tool to improve the speed, start-up time, and general performance of your PC, Iolo remains an excellent option. Better still, with its money-back promise, you may try iolo yourself at risk for 30 days—I tried that guarantee and got my money back in three days.

avast vs iolo.com full comparison

Avast vs iolo.com score – we gave Avast 7.5 out of 10 and 6.8 to iolo. 

Which one to choose among Avast vs iolo.com-  Avast Antivirus provides both free and paid antivirus software that protects against attacks on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Iolo provides Windows operating systems with a range of PC optimization and virus security solutions. For password management and protection, customers may select the most economical option.

Why not to invest in Avast vs iolo.com- Avast has very slow scanning and doesn’t detect new malware automatically. If you are afraid of both then you should go with iolo.But wait, no one is perfect. Similarly, iolo doesn’t provide you security for mac yet and the additional features can cost you extra amont.  

The free antivirus version of Avast also includes:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Hack warns of possible password violations
  • A Wi-Fi inspector informs you about possible hazards for every device in the Wi-Fi network
  • A behaviour shield which looks at websites you visit and alerts you of any harmful behaviours.
  • Intelligent scanning to let you know how to improve your system performance
  • My statistics tell you how many files were scanned and how many threats were prevented.
  • Don’t trouble mode that prevents third-party applications from sending warnings or pop-ups while you play a game, watch a movie or present
  • A rescue disc for system restoration after a virus infection
  • An updated manual software to ensure that all your software is up to date
  • Tools to prevent hackers from using your email address to send fake emails

Avast Premium Security contains all of the features of Avast Free Antivirus (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) and adds:

  • Real website, a tool that protects against fraudulent, real websites
  • The Avast firewall is more sophisticated than the built-in Windows firewall
  • Protection of passwords
  • A sensitive data protection
  • A data shredder to permanently remove tainted files
  • A webcam shield to prevent hackers from spying on you via the camera of your PC;
  • A remote barrier blocking unwanted connections to your PC
  • A sandbox that opens suspicious files in a protected system environment in order to maintain an isolated infestation

For 30 days without a credit card or for 60 days with a credit card you may test Avast Premium Security for free.

Avast Premium Security Pricing:

  • one device: $39.99 for the first year, $69.99 thereafter
  • ten devices: $49.99 for the first year, $89.99 thereafter

Avast Ultimate Security (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) contains all the Avast Premium Security protection and features plus three standalone company products: Avast Secureline VPN; Avast Cleanup Premium, designed to optimize PC performance; and Avast AntiTrack, which prevents websites from being able to track you.

Avast Ultimate Security Price:

  • one device: $59.99 for the first year, $99.99 thereafter
  • ten devices: $69.99 for the first year, $119.99 thereafter

Avast Omni (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) is an intelligent home security solution to secure and monitor all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network of a house. In addition, it contains basic antivirus protection for Avast and kid protection and parental control for all desktop and mobile operating systems. Avast Omni is priced at $99.99 a year on a normal basis, but there are occasionally significant reductions.

How Much Is Avast Antivirus Software?

The prices of memberships to antivirus packages Avast Premium, Ultimate and Omni are one year, and are either for one device or up to ten devices; the business doesn’t provide multi-year subscription discounts. Prices vary for a single device from $39.99 to $69.99 for the first year and from $69.99 to $119.99 for the next year to cover ten devices.

Is Avast Antivirus Software Good?

The antivirus software of Avast is excellent and has been good at our rating. Premier plans offer comprehensive malware protection for corrupt or harmful files, emails, Wi-Fi networks and websites. It also has additional cyber security safeguards, like a camera barrier that prevents prying eyes from hijacking the webcam of your PC.

While all its antivirus solutions provide a range of safeguards, Avast Ultimate Security only offers a VPN and anti-tracking, both of which are available in cheaper packages offered by other antivirus software suppliers. Create a cost-effective Avast cybersecurity solution that can be used to combine a range of products with different subscription times.

Avast Antivirus Review

Ranked #8 in Best Antivirus Software of 2021

Ranked #6 in Best Mac Antivirus Software of 2021


  • Free version with full functionality 
  • Cybersecurity protection includes a camera protection


  • No multi-year savings on subscription
  • VPN included only at the highest level

Avast, established in 1988 in the Czech Republic, provides fully free antivirus software and two commercial antivirus packages under the names Avast and AVG. Avast also offers Omni, a separate subscription solution for the security of smart home/Wi-Fi networks. In July 2016, Avast bought a fellow Czech cybersecurity company AVG. While the two businesses provide comparable solutions for technological security, Avast offers a broader range of bundles for their software.

Iolo Overview August 2021


Originally developed as a programme for Windows PC optimization, iolo has not been tested extensively for its malware detection by independent laboratories. Therefore, I can’t certify a more dependable malware detection rate, although it was good to test and identify malware sample files on my Windows PC. However, you may consider alternative high-quality antiviruses. For example, the Norton 360 has a verified 100% virus detection rate in real time, ensuring the protection of your device against online dangers.

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Virus Scan — Detects Existing Malware but Slows PC

I downloaded test files to my PC from the trustworthy website EICAR.com to test the scan for iolo’s malware. I’m happy to announce that Avast vs iolo System Mechanic Pro has been detecting and quarantining every harmful file, even adware with minimal risk. This impressed me, since the products of iolo are aimed at system optimization instead of malware detection.

Avast vs iolo System Mechanic Pro provides two distinct scan options: a quick scan and a deep scan. First I run the Deep Scan, which examined all items on my PC. It took an hour and 20 minutes, but the Norton 360 took just 12 minutes to perform a comparable scan. However, despite the sluggish pace, I am still delighted with the outcomes. Iolo scanned over 855,000 things and identified all the malware test files hiding in the test computer. Furthermore, Iolo did not unintentionally mark wrong files as hazardous, so I did not have to spend time sifting through quarantined files.

During the Deep Scan, I discovered that I had a substantial delay. My CPU use increased from 15 to 40%, more than tripling the computing power my PC used. As a consequence, the PC slowed significantly, which meant that while the scan was going I could not use it so efficiently. I also discovered that the remainder of the Avast vs iolo System Mechanic Pro interface is not available during a scan – I could not change the settings or look at other features.

The Quick Scan option is much quicker and takes less than 10 seconds to examine critical areas where issues may lurk very rapidly. The problem is that Internet and Windows trash files, the RAM and misleading or undesirable items are included – but only on the C:/program disc. This is one of the places on a PC that is most often targeted by malware. No malware hiding in other files was found while conducting a Quick Scan. This is a problem since a service like Norton 360 even checks downloads for other files with its Quick Scan – I did run Norton later and discovered that it took its Quick Scan to get the features iolo had missed!

Spyware Protection — Effectively Blocks Spyware and Adware

iolo’s spyware protection has been proven to be efficient in preventing spyware, adware and other less stubborn infections. I was pleased to discover that all the malware and adware test files I employed were detected properly.

Many antiviruses, including Microsoft Defender integrated with Windows, prefer to overlook adware and the like. This is because they are not necessarily harmful, they are just uncomfortable for the user. On the other hand, spyware lurks on your computer and gathers your data surreptitiously for weeks or even months. I am certain that the iolo programme identifies these silent, often undetectable types of malware that I am able to safeguard computers from internet dangers.

System Shield — Real-Time Protection Blocks Malware

The System Shield function provides you a clear picture of your malware protection. It specifies when the latest scan has been done, when the software has been last updated, and shows whether real-time protection and automatic updates are activated.

I am glad to discover that iolo’s protection was activated immediately when I downloaded the programme. the System Shield function to quickly check whether I need to change any settings to get complete security.

I have visited many virus test sites and attempted to download files to verify that the real-time protection worked. System Mechanic Pro prevented all potentially dangerous download files and even prohibited me from accessing certain sites.

This made me feel free to download dangerous software, but I was unhappy that System Shield still allowed me to visit potentially hazardous websites. I want to see an improvement in this aspect of iolo’s real-time security, since downloading isn’t the only kind of malware there — phishing scams are a big issue and iolo doesn’t always identify a danger like

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