Best Home Stays in India

Homestays are accommodations run by local families. And I think the experience of staying in such places could not compete by even four or 5-star hotels as nothing is better than home comfort. If you are in love with nature and natural things, then homestays are for you. Traveling with experiencing the genuine and keep the authenticity of the place is beyond words, which homestays can give you.

List of Some Best Homestays in India

1. Royal mist, Munnar, Kerala

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10 km from the town of Munnar, just down the hilly and winding roads with amazing views, the Royal Mist Homestays is run by Mr. Anil and his family. This particularly close-knit family with two 5- and 11-year-olds is very hospitable, welcoming visitors as part of the family while allowing them to be as comfortable as they want to be.

A separate guest room occupies the upper floor of this modern house, with a high terrace overlooking the valley and steep hills. Guests are welcome to use the comfortable family living room, Indian meals are served on the ground floor (excellent breakfast area), or in the family dining room, which offers the opportunity to chat with Mr. Anil and his wife to speak perfect English.

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2. Sai homestay, Agra

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Sai Home Stay is situated Near TajMahal and Approved by the Government of India. Authentic Sai Homestays provides hotel facilities in the shadows of the majestic Taj Mahal. The owners of these homestays are Mrs. Simi and Rajiv Sethi. They are basically from Punjab. You must be aware that Punjabis are well known for tasty food and hospitality that guarantees a friendly, courteous service. The hospitality of sai homestays makes your visit pleasant and memorable Taj Mahal, Agra’s emblematic Red Fort, Agra Fort rail station, and the city centre are approximately 3 kilometers away from the stay.

Enjoy a unique, affordable remain within sight of one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Sai Home Stay is set in the posh peaceful area of Sai Puram adjoining Vibhav Nagar near Fathebad Road. Its numerous restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, star hotels, bars, designer shops, and fashion boutiques cater to all tastes within the immediate vicinity.

3. Badal house, Khuri, Rajasthan

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Badal House is a simple house with basic rooms and huts. This homestays will depict a simple way of living, and everything here is quite authentic and straightforward. The mud houses are a great reminder of how the people of Khuri lived and how they still live.

The house has a nice lounge area under a juniper tree. You can sit here with the book and see Balal’s livestock. But sitting here doing nothing has its merits, for accepting peace is not for everyone. The kitchen is an old school, and every visitor who lives in the shade of the Badal house should always eat with the family. The huts have two beds each, and the rooms are about the same size. You can choose to sleep on the roof of the house while looking at the star. All parts of the bed and breakfast fitted with seating. Vegetarian breakfast enjoyed in the breakfast area.

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4. Mr. And Mrs. Mehra’s home, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Far from the magnificent city life, set in a peaceful setting, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mehra, Dehradun lined with lush green grass and a spectacular view of the Shivalik Hills. There no single window in this village without a herd of geraniums scattered in the window boxes.

If you move from Delhi to the Himalayan National Park, this Donon Valley residence can be the most beautiful place. In keeping with the beauty of nature, you will also be able to enjoy the warm hospitality created by Mr. Mehra. He was going to take out a drink cart while his wife was pampering his buttocks to taste the famous snacks, tandoori chicken and lamb brain kebabs which are the unique variations. You are free to rent a Mehra car and drive down to the Queen of the hill stations of Mussoorie with its mysterious wood.

The fantastic view of the Mussoorie fog draws your attention. Set a homely environment, Mehra’s offers kind anecdotes and delicious food from their warehouse.

5. Capella, Northern goa

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Capella is a luxury resort located on a private, forested hill in the Parra region. We offer guests a unique opportunity to experience life with a local family and the privacy and comfort provided by luxury hotels.

Capella is an excellent choice for bird watchers and nature lovers who want a relaxing vacation in a peaceful environment. The house itself speaks volumes about the care that goes into building and decorating it and making sure that it does not lose its character and style as it is old. Wrapped around the courtyard with melodious bird sounds, Capella’s bedrooms promise privacy with the comfort of the allotted space.

Upon request, the home cook also arranges a lunch that added to the home, adding extra warmth to the homestays experience. If you need help finding out where to go, where you can try the king’s best fish, or join a treasure trip, Ayesha is happy to make a connection and find a way to match your journey.

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After staying in a hotel for a day or two, one begins to lose comfort and opportunity. Homestays give you a warm experience, making you feel at home. You can enjoy the view from the balcony, wander around the house, or do anything at any time. Would it not be wonderful to feel at home and make new friends as a family at the end of your journey? Choose to stay home during your vacation; make sure you will never be far from home.


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