Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime

Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime: When compared to Netflix, Amazon offers a more diverse selection of regional content in India. With so many choices available, we’ve taken the effort to comb through them all in order to offer you the greatest Tamil movies available on Amazon Prime video streaming.

From its modest beginnings in the early 1900s, the Tamil cinema industry, affectionately known as Kollywood, has developed at an exponential rate. Since the turn of the century, Tamil films have gained a worldwide influence, prompting filmmakers in countries such as Sri Lanka and Malaysia to create their own works. Today, there is no shortage of talent, as a diverse group of filmmakers and performers come to the stage to demonstrate their abilities to the rest of the film industry and the general public.

So, here are a few of their films to get you started on your journey through Tamil cinema. Don’t spend your time perusing the web. Get your streaming on!

1. Karnan (2021)

M.S. Selvaraj’s second feature film serves as an impassioned cry to arms against a corrupt system that is based on injustice. Dhanush plays the title character, a rescuer of the people of a tiny hamlet named Podiyankulam, who is played by Dhanush himself. Throughout the first half, Mari creates his characters and the atmosphere, which culminates in a horrific pre-intermission block in which Karnan brutally smashes a bus. This is an unusual choice for the story’s plot. Instead of a real opponent, we are given a bus that represents all of the bigotry that the villagers have had to endure over the years. This sets up a confrontation between the peasants and the police force, which is led by the cunning Kannabiran, as the storey progresses.

Along with Karnan, Selvaraj continues his quest of presenting stories that are socially aware. The performances are outstanding across the board. Dhanush delivers on the brief, eliciting a range of emotions from us during his journey as a hesitant hero. Each of the three leads, Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli, Natarajan, and Gouri Kishen, performs well in their respective parts. The thrilling score by Santhosh Narayanan aids in bringing us out of our sleep of ignorance.

2. Dharala Prabhu (2020)

Vicky Donor, directed by Shoojit Sircar and starring Dharala Prabhu, is the official Tamil version of the Shoojit Sircar film. The storey of a sperm donor is retold by director Krishna Marimuthu through the perspective of a new generation. He skilfully adapts the film to better fit the needs of the local audience while never losing sight of the original’s intended message or tone. While Vicky accepts the offer to give sperm for his own personal benefit, Prabhu is reluctant to accept the offer until he finds the truth about his football coach’s inability to reproduce. Krishna gives an additional emotional element to the storey, making it easier for us to root for the protagonist. Harish Kalyan’s sincere performance undoubtedly contributes to the overall success.

Vicky Donor is a film in which we only witness the couple adopting a kid towards the conclusion of the movie. Dharala Prabhu takes it a step further by presenting the adoptive child much sooner in the film than most other directors. Our characters see the complete family’s acceptance of the new kid. As a result, when Nidhi and Prabhu consider splitting, they are compelled to take into account the addition of a new member to the family. Natural consequences are that the storey comes to a more satisfactory finish.

3. Be a master (2021)

With his current release, Lokesh Kanagaraj delivers on his promise to provide a quality mass-market film. Making a film with Vijay, who is probably one of the greatest stars in Kollywood, is usually a stressful experience. It’s a delicate balancing act, attempting to please his adoring followers while still maintaining his own voice as a creative. Lokesh gets very near to reaching his goal in this situation. Consequently, we have JD, an alcoholic but endearing professor whose brush with fate results in his placement in a reformatory school for juvenile delinquents. The remainder of the storey is on his efforts to change the habits of the inmates.

Lokesh also tosses in a fierce adversary in the character of Bhavani, who is portrayed by the flamboyant Vijay Sethupathy, to make things interesting. His introduction to the villain provides us with a glimpse into what makes Bhavani so dangerous in the first place. The sequences in which both actors compete against one other are a highlight of the film. Malavika’s character, on the other hand, seems to be underdeveloped, despite the fact that she has a significant part to play in JD’s awakening. While the whole college segment provides little new information about the characters, it does help to lengthen the film’s already excessively long duration of over three hours. The film is nonetheless worth seeing for Anirudh’s thrilling background soundtrack and Lokesh’s ambitious effort to redefine the “masala” cinema, despite its faults.

4. Soorarai Pottru (2020)

Sudha Kongara’s outstanding biopic tells the storey of an entrepreneur who dreams of founding a low-cost airline and his hardships and triumphs along the way. The emotional gravity inherent in the underdog storey, bolstered by Surya’s impassioned performance, masks a few weak sub-plots under the surface of the film. Furthermore, Soorarai Pottru brings to the fore the critical socio-political factors that contribute to the rejection of low-cost air transportation. Perhaps the writer/director should have avoided portraying Paresh as a one-dimensional corporate bully in such a one-dimensional manner. Nonetheless, it is a compelling storey that is well worth seeing.

5. Baaram (2020)

Baaram, a feature film directed by Priya Krishnaswamy, was nominated for a National Award for Best Tamil Feature Film for combining the documentary style with the framework of a feature film (The Burden). Thalaikoothal is a cultural malpractice that is shown realistically in the film. It is a harsh social reality that is depicted realistically in the film. In Tamil Nadu’s southern regions, senicide (the death of the elderly) and involuntary euthanasia are quite common practises among the elderly.

The film is a wonderful expression of appreciation geared towards the unwell and suffering parents whose lives have been affected as a result of this technique, as it empowers and amplifies the voices that need to be heard and amplified in the process. As well, it is a true picture of the socially accepted truths that have been normalised at the expense of human life.

6. To Rent or Lease

Chezhiyan is the director.

Beautifully filmed, ToLet was made with the intention of showing the reality and sufferings of those who suffer quietly — the average people who are living in a false sense of security — and not for the sake of being beautiful. It is as delicate as a feather. Even a little gust of wind may blow it away, just as the symbolic balloon in the trailer was blown away by the wind. Human life is transitory, and its worth in today’s society is correspondingly diminishing. The film digs into the shadowy corners of human nature. It is quite moving in its depiction of the lives of those who are less fortunate. With its voyage with a trapped family that are eager to find somewhere to live after being evicted from their home, ToLet drives home its message.. Although the idea is straightforward, the film is made fascinating via the use of some outstanding performances and outstanding directing.

7. Thadam

Magizh Thirumeni is the director of this film.

This intriguing thriller with an investigative bent has a lot going for it. As we dive further and deeper into the detective drama, the edgy cinematography serves as a complement to some excellent performances. An attempted murder is the focus of the storey, and two lookalikes are accused of the crime, with each of them having the potential to be equally guilty or equally innocent. There aren’t many hints given to us at the beginning of the film, but the closing revelations are pretty satisfying. The movie, because to its excellent execution, had me on the verge of falling asleep the whole time. It is absolutely worth seeing, and it also manages to include a very current societal concern into the storyline as well.

8. Peranbu

Ram is the director.

This passionate, humanitarian masterwork is a mirror to our tragic world, and it is a must-see for anybody who cares about art. It deals with real-world concerns that directly or indirectly endanger the lives of persons who are not considered ‘normal’ by the general public. The storey centres on a man and his daughter, who has cerebral palsy, and depicts their journey through a society that is hostile to them just because their orthodox mentalities perceive them to be potentially hazardous. In the process, they suffer a succession of betrayals from individuals they considered their own, those in whom they placed their trust, and of course those who opposed them from the start. Peranbu is a scary film that is also very moving to see.

The use of a chaptered novel-like narrative structure serves to elevate the film’s complexity while also allowing for a much more planned and refined approach to be used. It is impossible not to be impressed by the performances of both protagonists, who are on par with the finest of performers, and the on-screen relationship that they establish during the film is uncannily lifelike. If I haven’t mentioned it enough, you should watch it.

Peranbu is available on Amazon Prime Video.

9. Viswasam

Siva is the director.

Viswasam is a pure masala entertainment with plenty of spectacular action sequences and a charming father-daughter combination to keep the audience entertained. The performances are excellent, and the action is much improved. The cinematography is superior than the norm. There isn’t anything groundbreaking about the narrative in terms of plot. However, it does not fall short of expectations, as its action scenes and plotlines, which are based on long-standing rivalries and acts of revenge, give hours of amusement. In this picture, one of the most endearing aspects is the father-daughter interaction, and the message of letting children to live their own lives without being burdened by the wishes of their parents is always appreciated in a culture that fails to grasp this seemingly basic notion on a regular basis.

Viswasam is available on Amazon Prime.

10. Vellai Pookal

Vivek Elangovan is the director.

To put it mildly, it was a fantastic detective film. Several classics are referenced, such as keeping things simple while still making them difficult; by placing the perpetrator right in front of your eyes; and by offering a large number of red herrings. That the detective protagonist was not someone with extraordinary intellect or enormous strength or power, but rather a normal guy — a former police officer, was something I really admired about this film. The conspiracy that follows is uncovered by both him and us at the exact same time. As a result of the red herrings discussed before, he is often led astray as well.

The performance is excellent, and the execution is excellent as well. It may not be a masterpiece of aesthetic expression, but it is certainly not a failure in that sense. And the ultimate twist is nothing short of spectacular. It will strike you in the face when you least expect it, and it will strike you with all of its strength. Vellai Pookal is a well-executed whodunit thriller with a strong cast of characters.

Vellai Pookal is available on Amazon Prime Video.

11. Ayogya

Venkat Mohan is the director.

Temper (which was also dubbed in Hindi as Simmba) is a remake of the Telugu film of the same name. Rather of relying on some meaningless storyline, Ayogya tells the storey of a dishonest police officer who is transformed, thanks to a well-designed and realistic series of circumstances that leads to an exceptionally strong character development and plotline for our protagonist. However, although the execution may be imperfect and the acting may not be flawless, the film’s heart and soul obviously connects with the audience. A testament to the seriousness with which the film takes itself, as well as the seriousness with which it takes the societal evil that it represents on screen, is the ultimate self-sacrifice.

Ayogya is available on Amazon Prime.

12. Airaa

KM Sarjun is the director.

The story’s narrative is deep, fascinating, and very current. The usage of supernatural aspects is minimal, and they are not handled in an irresponsible manner, as is the case in many other horror films. Because of this, we are not always prepared for the horror, and when it does arrive, it hits you square in the stomach. Airaa is a visually stunning and well filmed horror film, which is a remarkable feat in and of itself. The acting is excellent, and it avoids falling into the trap of overemphasising the sense of terror at any point. There are some storyline twists and revelations in this picture, and it has its moments. The climactic surprise, on the other hand, left me feeling unsatisfied. Airaa conveys a message about the deterioration of moral principles among individuals and how this has an impact on society as a whole.

Airaa is available on Amazon Prime Video (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi)

13. Monster

Nelson Venkatesan is the director.

It’s a zany, wacky comedy largely inspired on the 1997 Hollywood picture Mouse Hunt, and it’s a lot of fun. The Tamil film contains its own culturally relevant adjustments that make it more digestible for Indian viewers, which are detailed below. The principle is straightforward. The storyline is the most important aspect of this game. A guy is trying to get rid of a rat that has taken up residence in his home. Despite his repeated efforts, he is unsuccessful. The film maintains your attention throughout its running duration, and it is full of surprises and twists along the way. Moreover, although it is entertaining, it also gently conveys a crucial message.

Upcoming New tamil movies on amazon prime

So, let’s begin and see all the Upcoming Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime Video 2022 releases.

Name of the MovieStreaming DatePrime Video Link
Marakkar17 December 2021Watch on Prime
The Conjuring 315 December 2021Watch on Prime
Jai Bhim02 November 2021Watch on Prime
Cinderella29 October 2021Watch on Prime
Erida28 October 2021Watch on Prime
Kodiyil Oruvan25 October 2021Watch on Prime
Kuberan22 October 2021Watch on Prime
Friendship15 October 2021Watch on Prime
Udanpirappe14 October 2021Watch on Prime
Thalaivii10 October 2021Watch on Prime
Calls07 October 2021Watch on Prime
Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum24 September 2021Watch on Prime
The Priest (Tamil)15 September 2021Watch on Prime
Abhiyum Anuvum02 September 2021Watch on Prime
Sarpatta Parambarai22 July 2021Watch on Prime
Yuvarathnaa16 April 2021Watch on Prime
Mirugaa14 April 2021Watch on Prime (USA only)
Calls13 April 2021Watch on Prime (USA only)
Bad Samaritan (tamil)12 April 2021Watch on Prime
Nenjam Marappathillai08 April 2021Watch on Prime (USA only)
Anbirkiniyal04 April 2021Watch on Prime
Tenet31 March 2021Watch on Prime
Thatrom Thookrom10 March 2021Watch on Prime
Kabadadaari25 February 2021Watch on Prime
Master29 January 2021Watch on Prime
Maara08 January 2021Watch on Prime
Soorarai Pottru11 November 2020Watch on Prime
Putham Pudhu Kaalai16 October 2020Watch on Prime
Time Enna Boss17 September 2020Watch on Prime

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies December 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
Oh My Dog26th December 2021
Sabhaapathy17th December 2021
Maraikkayar Arabikkadalin
17th December 2021

November 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 2 New Tamil movies in the month of November 2021.

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies November 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
4 Sorry17th November 2021

Only for USA
Jai Bhim2nd November 2021

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies October 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
Cinderella29th October 2021

Erida28th October 2021

Kodiyil Oruvan25th October 2021

Kuberan22nd October 2021

Friendship15th October 2021

Udanpirappe14th October 2021

Thalaivii10th October 2021

Chinnanjiru Kiliye10th October 2021Only for USA
Calls7th October 2021

One7th Octo ber 2021

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies June 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
Anu and Arjun25th June 2021

Chidambaram Railway Gate25th June 2021
Dark25th June 2021
Varappogum 24 Manikkul24th June 2021

Thatha Kadai22nd June 2021
Kaathadi19th June 2021
Velvet Nagaram17th June 2021

Karuppankaatu Valasu16th June 2021
Pazhagiya Naatkal16th June 2021
Assamiyin America
16th June 2021
Nedunalvaadai15th June 2021

Jarugandi11th June 2021
Tharai Thappattai11th June 2021
Parol8th June 2021
Ratsasan4th June 2021
Kadhal Paravgal3rd June 2021

Adavi3rd June 2021
Indha Nilai Maarum2nd June 2021

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies May 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
Kala28th May 2021

Engada Iruthinga
Ivvalavu Naala
25th May 2021
Only for USA
Thaen24th May 2021
Only for USA
Wonder Woman 198415th May 2021
Karnan14th May 2021

Pulanaivu14th May 2021
Chasing1st May 2021
Theethum Nandrum1st May 2021


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