Borderlands 2 characters: Which Character Is Best For Solo Play

Borderlands 3 was delivered to blissful surveys last year, yet its archetype from 2012 remaining parts a fan top pick. Right up ’til today, Borderlands 2 is the most collectively adored establishment in Gearbox Programming’s particular series.

That is the reason we put it at number one on our rundown of Borderlands games positioned. It’s been repackaged and exchanged various occasions, adding new surfaces, skins, journeys, and playable characters with every emphasis. 

New players are as yet joining the servers despite the fact that the game is more than eight years of age. This is somewhat because of the game’s incorporation in The Attractive Assortment, which consolidates Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Continuation, and all of their DLC in a solitary bundle. The assortment has been free on virtually every gaming stage at some point and is routinely included in enormous deals. 

Another explanation is basically that the game actually holds up. The distinct dark lines and energetic shades of its comic-like plan function admirably with the blustering tumult of the ongoing interaction and give the game an ageless vibe. It feels similarly as great killing Psychos and engaging Bosses today as it did when we actually figured the Mayan end of the world would end us all.

The Top 10 Borderlands 2 Classes

We need to clear up a few quick qualifications before we can find out who Borderlands 2’s greatest character is.

Borderlands is a video game franchise that has been around for over a decade. It is best known for its addictive blend of co-op, loot, and RPG elements that has made it the most popular title in the franchise. In Borderlands 2, there are so many awesome characters to choose from! But which ones should you pick? 

Second, in addition to the initial four characters, this list will include two DLC characters. These characters are available in The Handsome Collection, but if you have the vanilla version of the game, you may need to purchase them separately.

Finally, bear in mind that each character has three separate upgrade branches to choose from. Because you won’t be able to max out all three, your outcomes will vary according on how you spend your upgrade points and which abilities you get.

Are you up for the challenge of taking on Handsome Jack? Here’s how we ranked the greatest classes in Borderlands 2!

 Best Borderlands 2 character

1. Gunzerker

The best Borderlands 2 class overall

More weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more weapons, more Salvador is our favourite character class from Borderlands 2, which should come as no surprise to anybody who has played the game. Gunzerking allows him to utilise any two weapons at once, however he receives the top spot due to a popular hack that makes advantage of this talent.

Certain weaponry in Borderlands 2 may heal the player while still causing harm. The Grog Nozzle is a powerful weapon that heals you for 65% of the damage it deals while simultaneously smashing enemies (which forces them to take additional damage). When combined with another, more powerful pistol, such as the Unkempt Harold, Salvador becomes nearly unkillable while doing tremendous amounts of damage. This strategy is so flawed that you can use it to essentially force your way through the entire game.

The Gunzerker’s physical toughness is increased by the Brawn tree, his weapons are strengthened by the Gun Lust tree, and his stat bonuses are increased by the Rampage tree.

2. Mechromancer

The best Borderlands 2 class for bosses

Gaige is the other DLC character on this rundown. Do you like monster robots and blasts? All things considered, I have uplifting news. Gaige’s uncommon capacity, “Demise Trap,” permits her to call a huge drifting executioner robot of a similar name. Like Axton’s turret, Passing Snare is additionally valuable for drawing foe fire. 

A great deal of the Mechromancer capacities are shock harm based. This can be a smidgen of a mishmash. Shock is half more valuable against foe safeguards, yet it experiences a 10% punishment against tissue. It’s likewise futile against zombies, and Tankensteins are really recuperated by it. 

The genuine explanation we positioned Gaige so high is her Turmoil stacks. Turmoil goes up with each kill and each vacant clasp. Each stack concedes a 1.75% assault harm increment and a 1.75% precision decline, with a potential max of 400 stacks. Blending this capacity with a shotgun at short proximity makes her the best person for managing supervisors. All things considered, precision doesn’t make any difference point-clear. 

Her Dearest companions Everlastingly tree redesigns life span, her Little Enormous Difficulty tree adds shock, and her Arranged Disarray tree manages harm, wellbeing, and safeguard overhauls.

3. Commando

The best borderlands 2 characters for beginners

What is the best Borderlands 2 character for beginners?

Assuming you need to trade, reload, and fire quicker utilizing any firearm in the game, Axton’s your person. Axton is the most balanced borderlands 2 characters in the game, and we believe him to be among the borderlands 2 characters for solo play. He’s additionally the best borderlands 2 characters for novices who may not have the foggiest idea about their favored playstyle, as a significant number of his capacities update the essential mechanics of the game. 

His Saber Turret capacity is valuable in practically any circumstance. You essentially drop a turret, and it begins terminating at the closest adversary. This is particularly helpful when you’re playing without anyone else since you can utilize the turret to draw the aggro of adversary swarms while you shoot from the sidelines and recover your safeguards. 

Axton’s Guerilla tree works on fundamental battle and weapons, his Black powder tree overhauls long-range battle, and his Endurance tree upgrades his protection.

4. Siren

The best borderlands 2 characters class for team players

Maya is the Alarm, which is the nearest thing Borderlands 2 has to a help/healer class. Her Phaselock uncommon capacity makes a balance bubble, what begins as a basic midair suspension and advances to turn into a harm managing power confine. 

When playing an Alarm, your center technique basically spins around this exceptional capacity. Phaselock has the least cooldown of all class extraordinary capacities, and it’s incredible for swarm control. Solo players can have loads of fun as Maya, yet you will not encounter her full utility except if you adventure into multiplayer. Look at this “nurture fabricate” assuming you need to see the most ideal way of playing her for help. 

You can seek after Maya’s Upheaval tree for updating harm types, her Congruity tree for developing safeguard and wellbeing, and her Movement tree to make Phaselock even more a cautious capacity.

5. Assassin

The best Borderlands 2 class for veterans

I wouldn’t suggest most new players use Zer0 on their first (or even their second) Borderlands 2 playthrough. That isn’t to say he’s not worth playing, he’s only hard to utilize and doesn’t get great until his best capacities are opened genuinely late into the game. 

The Professional killer is most appropriate to skirmish battle and expert rifleman rifles. Such a great deal the game comes down to engaging rushes of mid-range foes, however, which is to some extent why we wonder whether or not to suggest him. His wellbeing is likewise lower than the vast majority of different characters’. 

All things considered, Zer0 has probably the best endgame capacities and is substantially more valuable when combined with a tank like Salvador, Axton, or Gaige. His uncommon capacity, Decapitati0n, permits you to make a multi dimensional image as an interruption while Zer0 himself turns undetectable. 

While updating, you can seek after the Gore tree for skirmish abilities, Crafty for utilities and harm impacts, and Killing for… indeed, killing.

6. Psycho

The best Borderlands 2 class for chaos

Krieg was the last borderlands 2 characters to be added to the Borderlands 2 list back in Walk 2013. The Psycho has a capacity considered Buzz Hatchet Frenzy that makes him go into an angry outburst, trading his weapons for a monster, two-gave hatchet that bargains 500% skirmish harm and has a self-mend on each kill. 

The Professional killer is most appropriate to skirmish battle and expert sharpshooter rifles. Such a great deal the game comes down to engaging influxes of mid-range foes, however, which is somewhat why we wonder whether or not to suggest him. His wellbeing is additionally lower than a large portion of different characters’. 

The Psycho is somewhat the trump card of the gathering of Borderlands 2 classes positioned (which is truly saying something in this game). You can cause him to develop into a Freak Boss Psycho and crush his adversaries with severe skirmish assaults, center around weapons and explosives, or light yourself ablaze to bargain additional shoot harm while you run shouting through the war zone. This makes him loads of amusing to play, yet strategically hard to put. Being secured in a skirmish construct can incite a ton of difficulties. 

Krieg’s Bloodlust tree centers around kill abilities and bloodlust stacks, his Craziness tree on skirmish, and his Hellborn tree on redesigning fire harm.

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