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Before telling you the name of Can Yaman Wife, let’s tell you who Can Yaman is and why is Can Yaman Wife trending on the Internet. Can Yaman is also a Turkish actor, lawyer, and model. He is known for his part in Erkenci Kus, and his physics is why ladies adore him. Can Yaman is 31 years old and 6 feet high, and 183 cm high. Its weight is around 85 kg. He was born on 8 November 1989, and by 2020 he was 31 years old.

He has a huge social media fan. Can Yaman now has 6.9 million on Instagram. He said he was the most beautiful guy in Turkey.

He has worked in a number of television shows. Erekenci Kus, Dolunay, Inadina Ask, Bay Yanlis are of Can Yaman’s notable series and films. In 2018, in a romantic comedy, he received the Golden Butterfly Award in Erkenci Kus.

He’s his Family’s lone kid. Can Yaman is a Casanova, and that’s why people are checking for her Can Yaman Wife. We all know that Can Yaman’s Wife is named Demet Özdemir’. But This is not the truth. Currently, Can Yaman’s girlfriend is Dilleta Leotta, while Demet Ozdemir is her former girlfriend. Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir were first acquainted when they shot the “Erekenci Kus” can Yaman series, which Demet Ozdemir may be a co-star too. Its estimated net value is USD 8 million.

Can Yaman wiki

NameCan Yaman
Birth Date8 November 1989
BirthplaceIstanbul, Turkey
Age31 years old as of 2020
HeightIn Feet – 6
In Centimeters – 183 cm
WeightIn Kilogram – 85 kg
Marital Statusunmarried
ProfessionActor, Lawyer, and Model
GirlfriendDemet Ozdemir ( Ex- Girfriend )
Diletta Leotta (Current Girlfriend)
Zodiac signScorpio
Net Worth8 million USD

Can Yaman Wife be the luckiest girl in the world!

Ex-GirlfriendRabia Yaman
GirlfriendDemet Ozdemir ( Ex- Girfriend )
Diletta Leotta (Current Girlfriend)

Can Yaman has dated –

  • Bestemsu Ozdemir (2017) – In 2017, actress Bestemsu Ozdemir participated in Can Yaman. Bestem spoke at a movie premiere in December 2017 about their relationships, saying that they were from the last eight months but have since collapsed owing to personal differences.
  • Rabia Yaman (2018) – In September 2018, Rabia Yaman was a consultant in style. However, like with all his previous rumors, he never officially recognized the connection.
  • Demet Ozdemir (2019-August 2021) – Can and Demet collaborated as co-stars in the famous Erkenci Kus TV series in 2018. Their on-screen chemistry, Can and Sanem, made them very popular, and rumours of a relationship soon enough. In 2019, their relationship was established after Demet was seen with Yaman and his parents on numerous occasions.

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What Demet Ozdemir would not be Can Yaman Wife!

Erkenci Kuş captured the hearts of the Canale5 audience, due to the skills of the stars Can Divit and Sanem Aydın performed.

Sources said the two heroes of the Turkish soap had experienced a unique love journey, consisting of ups and downs, difficulties, and a lot of passion.

Maybe, partly because of the TV series’ success, viewers have frequently thought that Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir had fallen in love even in real life.

Biagio D’Anelli has released a very hot scoop in the past hours that deals with the connection between the two stars.

“It was true that he intended to marry Demet, but everything went wrong since he was cheating on her because she found him at a hotel.”

This would also explain why Can and Demet was frequently hesitant to speak in public about their connections, rather than feeding on the rumour, maybe not painful about their breakup, said the Italian website.

Today Demet is blissfully in love with Oğuzhan Koç, so that a flashback with Can Yaman would not exist.

As for Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta was suggested.

Who would now be Can Yaman Wife

After a trip to Turkey by the actor to present his new girlfriend to his parents and dad, Can and Diletta did not see the two lovers together, reports Blasting News.

Rumors of separation have grown more persistent, mainly backed by gossip specialist Alessandro Rosica, who says that Can and his buddy are now definite about goodbye.

Rosica said the connection between them would have erupted after a disagreement and led them to decisively pursue two separate courses.

Diletta Leotta Takes Refuge in the Family but not as Can Yaman Wife

In social media, Diletta Leotta silences her boyfriend Can Yaman about the reports of the ongoing issue. However, the sports broadcaster never misses the chance to share pictures of her summer holidays.

Diletta’s title for today’s Instagram, ‘ Family Summer,’ shows that Diletta wants to dedicate herself to her closest loved ones, her parents.

Hiding from the Social Media and question for Can Yaman Wife

Can Yaman Wife? And regarding Can Yaman? What happened to the Turkish actor, who captured the gorgeous presenter’s heart? Unlike Leotta, the Canale 5 serial drama star, he has not posted anything over a week on social media.

After publishing a series of pictures of his “single” vacations without his lovely heart, admirers have lost their track of Can Yaman, who shelter in strict quiet.

Will the two stars of the rumour this summer shed light on what is really going on between them?

Who is Now Can Yaman Dating?

Their love ended sooner than many would have expected, since Can and Diletta spent their vacations apart and did not participate in the sports presenter’s birthday.

Many Italian media sources are indicating the division between the Turkish actor and the Italian host, since they have shared an image over a long period.

Leotta posted several pictures of her birthday at an unbelievable festival in Sicily accompanied by her Family, but not by Can Yaman. Especially because he does not concentrate on any project as such, he is enjoying his holidays, so his absence is not justified on a significant day for the presenter.

Since their relationship started, there have been rumours of split, and even she tried to defend her connection with Yaman, to set-asidesaside the rumours.

One of the reasons they split their lives, maybe, was because Can Yaman wanted to enter into the relationship more quicker than Diletta Leotta, he really wanted to marry her, but she would not mention that they had been together for a short time, and that she needed to get to know one another.

Can Yaman Series and Movies

Movie NameYear
Helo We Murr2021
Bay Yanlis2020
Erkenci Kus2018-2019
Lnadina Ask2015-2016
Hangimiz Sevmedik2016-2017


Can Yaman is a well-known actor in Turkey. He has received several honours for his outstanding performance and romantic acting ability.
In 2018, he was awarded the Golden Butterfly Award for best romantic television series Erkenci Kus, which he received in 2017. For his work in 2019, he received the GQ Men of the Year award for Best Rising Actor and the Murex D’or award for Best Foreign Actor.

Golden Butterfly Awardsbest romantic TV series Erkenci Kus
GQ Men of the yearBest Rising Actor
Murex D’orBest Foreign Acto
  • O Ses Türkiye (2011)
  • Dada Dandinista (2014-2015)
  • Gönül Isleri (2014-2015)
  • Inadina Ask (2015-2016)
  • Dolunay (2017)
  • Erkenci Kus (2018-2019)
  • Kalo mesimeraki (2019)
  • Volverte a ver (2019)
  • Bay Yanlis (2020)
  • Che Dio ci aiuti (2021)

The Golden Butterfly Awards are given to the finest romantic television series. Erkenci Kus GQ Men of the Year Best Rising Actor Murex D’or Best Foreign Actor Controversies Erkenci Kus GQ Men of the Year Best Rising Actor Murex D’or Best Foreign Actor
He now holds the title of Turkey’s most attractive guy, which he claims is his own invention. This caused a great deal of consternation among his admirers.
Can Yaman remember throwing a glass at his co-star Selen Soyder on the set of “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” two years ago? Can Yaman was sentenced to 7830 pounds in fine and imprisonment for 87 days as a result of his actions.

a few little-known fact

  • Can Yaman is proficient in Italian, English, German, and Turkish, among other languages.
  • He enjoys playing the drums.
  • Can be very popular among females because of his gorgeous figure and haircut.
  • He’s been in a lot of relationships, and his current girlfriend is Demet Ozdemir, who used to be his boyfriend.
  • During the filming of the Can Yaman series “Erekenci Kus,” Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman had their first encounter.
  • He received the award for best romantic actor for the film “Erekenci Kus.”
  • He enjoys dancing and singing in his spare time.
  • His favourite cuisine is Italian cuisine.
  • Traveling and shooting photography are two of his favourite pastimes.
  • He loves animals in general, and dogs in particular.
  • His favourite colours are black and white, which are his preferred shades of grey.
  • Football is his favourite sport to participate in.

Can Yaman’s net worth .

Can Yaman is a well-known Turkish actor and model who has been in several films and television shows. He has a plethora of opportunities to make money. As of 2020, his projected net worth is around 8 million USD, according to Forbes.

Instagram and Social Media

Twitter I’d@canyaman1989
Instagram I’d@canyaman


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