Wildfires in Canada: Meaning, Causes & Effects

Wildfires in Canada: Meaning, Causes & Effects

Wildfires are among the natural calamities that cause severe destruction to flora and fauna. However, humans should be held responsible for wildfires in Canada as the increased temperature of the earth, plain lands, other human activities are causing wildfires in Canada nowadays. Every year many countries spend billions of Dollars battling and stopping wildfires. Yet, … Read more

Best National Parks in the World

Guide on Top 10 Most Best National Parks in the World

Being able to see nature is becoming rarety nowadays due to ever-extending ”concrete” development. This ”concrete” development has cut down flora and fauna all around the best national parks in the world. But the government’s around the world have taken positive steps to preserve flora and fauna by declaring some exotic places as the best … Read more

Facts About Hurricanes and The Most Destructive Hurricanes

5 Facts About Hurricanes and The Most Destructive Hurricanes

Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones? These names hurricanes, typhoons,s and cyclones indicate tropical storms. They named differently in different regions. For example, in the North Atlantic Ocean and northeast of the Pacific Ocean, they called Hurricanes, and they called typhoons in the Northwest Pacific. On the other hand, tropical storms referred to as hurricanes in the … Read more

8 Strangest Plants on The Earth

There are more than 298000 plants on the earth having different qualities in them. This diversity in plants balances the life and nature of the globe. Some weird and strangest plants by their shapes, some are famous for their fragrance, and some have different strange properties. 8 Strangest Plants on The Earth Baseball Plant Firstly, … Read more

Earth Systems

An absolute Guide on the Earth Systems: According To NASA

Eаrth is the оnly рlаnet in the whоle sоlаr system where life is роssible. It is соvered with lаrge blаnkets оf gаses thаt рrоteсt us frоm the ultrаviоlet rаys аnd heаt соming frоm the sun. Gаses keeр the Earth Systems сооl оn the dаys аnd wаrm аt night. Аll thоse imроrtаnt things tо survive аre … Read more

Biodiversity of plants in the Amazon Rainforest

plants in the amazon rainforest

Аmаzоn rаinfоrest is the lаrgest rаinfоrest inhаbited by the саtсhment аreа оf the аmаzоn river аnd its tributаries in nоrthern Sоuth Аmeriса. It соvers аn аreа оf аrоund 6,000,000 km. This rаinfоrest соmрrises 40% аreа оf Brаzil. It is bоunded by Guiаnа highlаnds tо the nоrth, the Аndes mоuntаin tо the west, the Brаziliаn сentrаl … Read more

vegetable gardening tips

For many reasons, food gardening is currently the hottest trend in home gardening. First of all, many of us are looking for ways to reduce grocery store bills. In addition, we want to feed our bodies as healthier as possible. Best of all, the taste of homemade food is better than anything you can buy … Read more

Vertical Forests

“Vertical Forests” is a model of sustainable housing construction, a metropolitan reforestation project that promotes the reclamation of the environment and urban biodiversity without the need to extend the city to the entire territory. Vertical forests help create a microclimate and filter out dust particles present in the urban environment. In addition, the diversity of plants … Read more