Smriti Irani had Just a New Transformation with a Fantastic Weight Loss Program

smriti irani

After reminding the internet about the continuing pandemic, Smriti Irani advised people to use masks. Her fantastic weight loss transformation, on the other hand, grabbed everyone’s attention. Check these latest photos from her Instagram Smriti Irani, a former actress turned politician, tweeted herself with PSA on Monday (Public Service Announcement). She warned everyone of the … Read more

जानिए Bell Bottom Movie की सच्ची कहानी हमारी ज़ुबानी

जानिए Bell Bottom Movie की सच्ची कहानी हमारी ज़ुबानी

आइए, आपका, इंतज़ार था —| जी हाँ हम जानते हैं आपके मन में यही गाना चल रहा होगा| अजी जनाब हमारा इन्तजार करने के लिए शुक्रिया| लीजिए इन्तजार ख़त्म हुआ| हम एक बार फिर से आपके infotainment के लिए मस्ती की अदालत में हाजिर हो गए हैं| आज हम आपको बताने वाले हैं Bell Bottom … Read more

WBJEE 2021 Round 1 Seat Allotment Result is Out Now

wbjee exam date 2021

The result for the first round had been declared by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board. WBJEE’s official site is, and any student can visit the website easily. Students need registration ID and Password for checking wbjeeb round 1 result. The student who has successfully cleared this round will now contact you.   Next … Read more

Rakhi Sawant Bani Spider Women: Kiya Bawaal

Rakhi Sawant Bani Spider Women

Hello Guys| आज हम एक और जानकारी लेकर आपके बीच आ गए हैं| आज हम जिस topic पर आपसे बात करने वाले हैं वो बहुत रोमांचक है| Rakhi Sawant के बारे में कौन नहीं जानता| युवा दिलों की धड़कन बढ़ाने वाली और हमेशा सुर्ख़ियों में बनी रहने वाली मशहूर actress Rakhi Sawant एक बार फिरसे … Read more

COVID Booster Shot are Likely in the Future. Is the Shot Important?


In this article, we’re going to discuss a Covid Booster Shot that is likely to make an appearance soon.  Different Manufacturers of Vaccines are studying continually to see how capable their shots are against these variants. Nevertheless, some of them noticed that the dosages have become less effective over time. The booster shot concept is … Read more

Child Tax Credit Payments: Payment Calculator, The Stimulus Bill, and Schedule

child tax credit monthly payments

IRS child tax credit 2021: Monthly payments already in parent’s account- Take or reject Credit tax – Don’t make any mistake in the selection! Some parents complain about extra money in their bank account just like 15th July. Similarly, some people also complained about losing $200 or 300 dollars from their bank account. The taxpayer … Read more

Kabul Under Taliban Control After Government Collapses

Kabul Under Taliban Control After Government Collapses | Afghanistan

To the west lies Iran, and to the east, Pakistan; Afghanistan is in Central Asia. The country’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with Kabul as its capital. There are many ethnic groups in the country. For example, 15 million Pashtuns live in Kandahar, which is in the south of Afghanistan. The people … Read more

La Liga FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

barcelona vs real sociedad

LIVE Streaming: Goal Score, Highlight and Predictions Barcelona vs Real Sociedad: When and Where to Watch Online, TV Telecast, Team News Barcelona vs Real Sociedad In the la Liga season’s first match on the location of camp nou; Barcelona wins with a 4-2. The match was epic. Barca performed very well for the first 70 … Read more

Covid 19 – How it Began and How it is Today!

covid 19 cases

The whole world got shaken when Covid-19 broke into countries and just made everyone jailed in their own homes or places. We can count the numbers of covid 19 cases and deaths caused by it, but we can’t count the number of people affected by it.  The latest corona update tells, the number of covid … Read more