Clownfish Voice Changer

Use free voice changer effects for PUBG, Discord, Youtube Live sessions, etc.

Have you ever heard a voice and thought it was altered in any way? Clownfish voice changer is the application for changing voice. This application is installed in the system. When any other application uses microphone permission, the clownfish voice changer automatically turns on and alters the voice coming from the microphone. This application will use to alter voice in applications including Skype, Hangouts, Steam, TeamSpeak, Zoom, Youtube live, Discord, etc. 

When a game like PUBG and youtube gaming live session become so popular, many people think of changing their voice for uploading online, and here clownfish voice changer helped them. Here, Clownfish voice changer, which is a free voice changer, helped a lot of people to complete their dreams. Clownfish voice changer comes at a different level and is used as multiple voice-changing software in real-time. There are a lot of options available with clownfish voice changer, including Atari sport, clone, mutation, pitch, different sound formats, playlist control, etc. 


How to download Clownfish?

In this post, we will be explaining how you may alter your voice on Discord using the Clownfish voice changer. 

Step 1:

First, you need to open up a web browser and input “clownfish” into the search bar. Then, you need to go to this page. 

Step 2:

While we’re on the page, you should be directed to the Clownfish website, where we can get the voice changer that will allow you to sound like a clownfish. So, as you scroll down, you’ll see the information about the voices and, if you click on “download,” you’ll be able to listen to them. 

Step 3: 

Clownfish will be downloaded and installed for you from the download page. The installation wizard then installs Clownfish for you, after which you launch it. The installation wizard is seen here. 

Step 4:

That’s all we want, just to click next to continue, and we’ll make two shortcuts on the desktop and one on the start menu. Periodically click “Next.” Then it will be installed. Finally, click the “install” button. 

Step 5:

To sum up, everything is now complete, and we may go to the next step and to the installation of clownfish. And with that, we can now activate the application from the Start menu. After that, you may either use the on-screen keyboard to enter Clownfish or choose it from your computer’s menu or desktop shortcut. 

Step 6:

Once you’ve opened it, it will stay where you put it. The real folder will open within the tray. Therefore you need to navigate to the bottom-right corner of your tray to find it. Right-clicking on the Clownfish logo sets the voice changer. 

Step 7: 

This will open up here; here’s the clownfish’s voice changer. Here we have effects that you may alter your voice to, which include changing the pitch and adding two distinct effects. If you want to hear what the voices sound like, go to Clownfish in the Tray and click here. Next, you should click on the microphone.

How to get clownfish to work on Discord?

Also, now that we have clownfish voice setup, the next step is to launch Voice Changer for Discord and go to your settings to your account settings and go to the Voice and Video area and just make sure that your input device is set to the default device, which is what you will use to speak through in my case.

Final wording from Author

Clownfish Voice Changer is a free voice changer. You can find an alternative for Voice Changers, but best don’t have any alternative. And whats makes them best is the interface of the application. In addition to all these, you can find Multiple voice-changing effects combined in real-time. Follow Global Care on google news for more tech news. We will be here with a new application, till then goodbye. 

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