Continuum 2022 New Features and Effects: Boris FX Continuum Plugins for Adobe, Avid, Resolve, VEGAS, FCPX, and more

Does your PC is compatible with Continuum 2022 updates? Fluid dynamics have been added to Particle Illusion in Continuum 2022, the newest version of Boris FX’s effects plugins for blending and editing applications.

For the first time, full functionality for M1 processors has been added to the PixelChooser & FX Editor and compatibility for After Effects’ Multi-Frame Rendering System.

Thanks to Particle Illusion’s fluid dynamics capabilities, natural particle effects may be achieved.

Particle Illusion, Continuum 2022’s 2D and 3D particle generator, now supports fluid dynamics, allowing new organic-looking effects.

The rendering of host plugins has also been restructured, resulting in “up to 5x quicker performance” for all host applications.

The Particle Illusion emitter library now allows users to store complete scenes, not just individual emitters.

New Blur Effects for PixelChooser and FX Editor with Continuum 2022

A new version of PixelChooser, Continuum’s integrated matte, and the masking solution are also included in this release; with “full GPU processing” and compatibility for Mocha planar mask tracking. However, it’s only accessible in the filters marked as ‘BCC+’ in the following list of Continuum’s filters.

In addition to HDR-compliant BCC+ effects; Continuum has released a new version of its FX Editor, which manages and modifies presets and includes OpenColorIO 2.

This release has five additional blur effects, including channel, direction, and the new BCC Prism filter, incorporating prismatic color separation and smear blur.

Continuum 2021’s Cinematographer’s Toolkit includes 60 different color correcting presets based on great movies.

Over 350 of Continuum’s effects now support the new Multi-Frame Rendering technology introduced in After Effects 22.0.

Pricing and hardware specifications for continuum 2022

A wide variety of compositing and editing applications; such as After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Nuke, can be used with Continuum 2022.

Depending on the host application, a new license costs $695 and $1,995. The cost of a subscription has increased from $195 to $695 per year. Individual Continuum Units may also be purchased.

What is Boris FX Continuum Software?

A few companies have not only survived but thrived in the post-production environment of third-party suppliers. If you’ve been there long enough. While some companies may be content to rest on their laurels, Boris FX is not one of them. You would anticipate a degree of maturity and vast capacity in its products from a company with a lengthy history of providing plugins for all major video software firms. Boris FX’s Continuum 2022 is no exception to this rule. Video editing applications benefit from Boris Continuum’s wide range of video effects and filters, which used for picture modification, affect production, and keying.

Continuum 2022 expands on its expertise in 3D tools, particle emitters, and transition tools to provide additional production value. Plugins for several Adobe, Apple, Avid, and other software packages are available for use with this filter set. But most of these new filters available on all platforms despite my evaluation being focused on Adobe After Effects.

In addition to the effects and filters featured throughout the years, Boris FX has added new tools that give you even more options. The following are a few examples.

Picture restoration, text moulding, titles, and 3D objects are just a few of the features in Continuum’s VFX toolbox. Other features include particle effects, chroma-keying, and image stabilisation. In addition, continuum’s new integrated masking and planar tracking pixel selector is a great blend of the most modern VEGAS technology available today.

Adjust Color levels with continuum 2022’s Videoscope

There has been a significant change in post-production video technologies due to the digital editing revolution. The vectorscope/waveform monitor seems to have abandoned by the side of the road. Boris FX has noticed this and included a feature that lets you view your composition’s color and brightness levels in real-time. You may use this tool to verify that your picture is using the entire range of exposure values available to you, which will give you the best contrast possible. The built-in logger makes it simple to locate any frames in the expected hue.

Combine Blur with Brightness and Color of continuum 2022’s Film Glow Effects 

Photographers would use stockings or lens filters to soften their images in the past. You have now permanently attached that effect to your final picture. Digital imaging control in editing has made it possible to add and adjust visual effects as required in the present and future. The film glow filter is an excellent method to soften the brightness in your movie and give it a filmic feel. This filter is a great option when you’re looking to add an organic glow to your images.

Repair Video with continuum 2022 Flicker Fixer

We’ve had to deal with film taken with flickering light sources or when the exposure values fluctuate, and it’s been tremendously stressful to find solutions to this issue. If we had used this filter, we could have preserved that film and had additional material to use. Continuum 2022’s flicker fixer allows you to access more video and saves you money in the process.

Ultra-Realistic Lens Flare Effects in Adobe After Effects

Filters with lens flare capabilities have been around for quite some time. Thanks to a few filter makers, the lens flare effect now has 3D possibilities. Continuum 2022 from Boris FX has a powerful flare tool.

As a bonus, you may use custom parameters to fine-tune how the flares work in conjunction with your After Effects camera. It is far better to be able to manage lens flares in post than it is to have to rely on matte boxes and other equipment on set. Aside from adding an organic feel to your movie, lens flares may also used to convey motion and depth.

Achieve Incredible Lighting Effects in Your Footage

One of the computer-generated light industry’s holy grails has been the concept of volumetric lighting. Lights may have loudness in the actual world, particularly when beaming through fog or haze. The new Stage Light filter makes it simple to include volumetric lighting into your picture. You may also add a smoke texture to assist the lights as they shine on your constructed parts in creating different atmosphere.

Particle Emitter 3D

When developing and animating motion graphics compositions, incorporating particles may completely transform your project’s aesthetic. With this new effect, those particles may now interact in three-dimensional space with the movement of your camera. Before Continuum 2022, you could purchase individual specialized plugins; today, there is another choice.

Organic Strands

Occasionally, we want to include organic aspects into our animations to provide movement and depth. This filter enables the creation of a diverse range of auto animating strand-like objects. As with the other new filters in Continuum 2022, the created components merge seamlessly with your composition’s 3D imagery and lighting.

Wild Cards

This plugin lets you build stunning three-dimensional layouts of two photographs, adding depth to your composition. In addition, this tool is excellent for creating transitions and dividing your picture into a matrix of smaller boxes.

As you can see, many of these new tools are comparable to expensive specialist plugins from various suppliers. However, Boris FX has provided you with a comprehensive range of high-end devices without the need to purchase pricey individual plugins from other firms. I’m particularly fond of how well the majority of these filters integrate with After Effects’ 3D camera and lighting, giving us tools that add enormous depth and complexity. Additionally, increased GPU integration results in quicker rendering and higher-quality output for those equipped with the necessary hardware.

When these additional filters added to the already extensive list of excellent tools included in the bundle, we discover an incredibly favorable price-to-value ratio. To mimic the features featured in this comprehensive collection of tools, you would need to spend thousands of dollars on separate plugins.

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