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Covid 19 – How it Began and How it is Today!

covid 19 cases

covid 19 cases

The whole world got shaken when Covid-19 broke into countries and just made everyone jailed in their own homes or places. We can count the numbers of covid 19 cases and deaths caused by it, but we can’t count the number of people affected by it. 

The latest corona update tells, the number of covid 19 cases stood at 204,210,607, and it has taken the life of 4,317,447 people, the loss of which is irreparable. 

Today’s let’s know about the whole timeline of Covid 19 and what current corona updates are in the world.

How Covid 19 Started?

Covid 19 was claimed to have originated from Wuhan, China. However, the first covid 19 cases came from Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood market in December 2019, and soon it took over the whole world. 

However, China claimed that it did not start from Wuhan, nor did it allow any research team from WHO to Wuhan. 

Most Affected Countries from Covid 19!

The top 5 most affected countries from Covid 19 are the USA, India, Brazil, Russia, and France. 

When Covid 19 was started, it took Europe and the USA by storm. Italy was the most affected country during the months of May and June 2020. 

However, Covid 19 soon started spreading in the USA, where it just created havoc. Till now, Covid 19 cases in the USA stood at 36,780,480, and the total deaths happened till now are 633,799. These numbers are the highest in the whole world. 

The second most affected country is India. When Covid hit India, it was not very much affected by it. However, when the second wave of Covid 19 hit India, around 4 lakh plus cases came in a single day. 

Covid 19 cases in India stood at 31,998,158, and total deaths due to it are 428,715. The cause of these deaths was both Covid 19 and the failure of Indian health infrastructure. 

The third most affected country is Brazil, with 20,178,143 covid 19 cases till now, and the death toll stands at 536,707. The number of deaths in Brazil due to Covid is more than deaths in India, which is shocking.

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Variants of Covid-19 

The havoc created by Covid 19 was not the only thing to worry about. Its variants became a big concern for different countries. But scientists knew that variants of diseases exist, and so do the variants of Covid-19. 

Covid-19’s first significant variant was reported from South Africa, 2020, which scientists named as Beta variant. The other variants were Alpha originating from the U.K in Sep. 2020, Gamma originating from Brazil, in November 2020, Delta originating from India in October 2020. 

The most deadly and infectious variant is considered the Delta variant. It took over India in the second wave and caused the deaths of thousands of lakhs of people. 

The Race of Covid-19 Vaccines!

The race of Covid 19 vaccines started when Covid started spreading in the whole world. The first-ever Covid vaccine was announced by Russia, which was Sputnik-V. However, it got approval from WHO later. 

The actual race for the vaccine was between Modena and Pfizer and Johanson and Johanson. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were approved in December and are asked for use in the USA. Both companies’ vaccines are also used in Europe and almost all developed countries. 

In India, it is Covexin and Covishield vaccines, which the Government of India approved. 

How Covid-19 Spread? 

Covid 19 spread through the droplets of an infected person. When a normal person comes in direct contact or stays in around 1 meter with the infected person, the droplets from either mouth or nose come in contact with the mouth or nose of a normal person and make them infected. 

So the most important thing to do in Covid 19 is to cover the mouth and nose with a mask. 


Can covid 19 spread through eyes? 

The answer to this question cannot be just Yes or No because the opinion of scientists is divided on this topic. Many scientists believe that Covid cannot spread from the eyes because it is a respiratory disease. Therefore, spreading it through the eyes is not possible.

But some believe that it can be spread from the eyes. Because of the droplets of an infected person, they can get through a person’s respiratory system when getting in contact with a person’s eyes. 

So to date, the voice of the scientists who believe it to be spread through eyes is unheard. Because you can see countries only ask their people to cover their nose and mouth and not their eyes. 

Is Covid 19 an airborne disease?

No, Covid is not an airborne disease. Yes, some scientists believe it to be airborne, but after due study, it is known that it is not an airborne disease.

So try to cover your nose and mouth to stay safe. 

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Bottom Line

So this was all about Covid 19 and its updates. Try to cover your nose and mouth with a mask and try to be in the least contact with people. Try to minimize public contact when visiting any place. 

Even though you are vaccinated, try to keep your distance and wear the mask because Covid can still have chances to enter your body. 

Thank you for reading! 

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