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Chandigarh University uses the learning management system software GlobeCore offers CUIMS login details and information to make logging in as simple as possible. You can see all of your courses in one place with the help of cuchd.blackboard.

Chandigarh University- Overview

Chandigarh University, often known as CUIMS, is a private university in Ajitgarh, India. Since its founding as a private institution in 2012, Chandigarh University has developed many alliances, including Arkansas State University. Chandigarh University, in India, is home to 18 prestigious institutions that provide a wide range of degrees to students. At, this institution offers a wide range of degree programs, including professional degrees, certificates, and associate’s degrees, as well as graduate and undergraduate degrees.

There are many online and remote learning programs available at Chandigarh University in addition to the traditional classes. Students may finish their degree at their speed by selecting from a variety of online degree programs. Teachers, libraries, shared computer facilities, financial assistance, and other resources will be available to online students. Students will be able to access all of this and more.

This CUIMS offers MBA and MS in Accounting degrees if you’re interested in pursuing a career in accounting. Many of their programs integrate the study of accounting concepts with real-world experience in the accounting field. There’s also an MBA and an MS in Criminal Justice, in addition to the standard Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees are available in various fields, including education, nursing, criminal justice, natural sciences, and math.

A wide range of liberal arts courses is available on, including courses in English and history and psychology and sociology. For example, students may anticipate studying techniques like composition in English and government and history and science and math. Students also have the option of taking electives in areas like business, law, and sociology.

There’s an International Business minor available via the College of Business, and the school organizes many conferences and seminars throughout the academic year. While in college, students have the option of becoming an accounting assistant or bookkeeper, thanks to their Bachelor’s degree program. Graduates with a Master of Science in Accounting degree may get a Master of Business Administration degree.


Students may choose from a variety of programs at the History Department. The fast-paced Bachelor of Science program offers undergraduate degrees to motivated students. Students may also get a master’s degree in history, which is more time-consuming, by enrolling in the slower-paced program.

Numerous courses in history are available, such as American history, European history and the histories of the United States, and courses on First World nations. In addition, a variety of History courses are available via the College of Science on campus.

Interested in establishing your own business? The Indian Small Business Administration is located right here at CUIMS. Because of the SBA, college students will be able to access resources from all three levels of government. Students will also learn about company regulations, government funding, and business planning via this degree program. As a result, Mankato is a great location to start a career after earning a well-paying degree. CUIMS Important Links

These are the pages where you may quickly get the pages you are looking for if you search for “Cuchd.Blackboard.Com.” Then, you won’t have any trouble entering your login information and getting into your account.




It’s no secret that Blackboard is one of the world’s top educational technology companies. However, make sure you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser of choice before trying to visit Blackboard Learn.

Chandigarh University Management System Login


To access your Student Services & Account, enter your UID and Password. Then, as you go through the CUIMS, it will track your progress and know about any changes.

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CUIMS is the Chandigarh University student portal in India. Chandigarh University Information Management System is the name of the system. You’ll be able to keep up with class announcements, university news, and more using Cuims. Your UIMS will also show you the status of your attendance and fees.

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Grades | Blackboard Help

Blackboard Help

When an assignment is evaluated in your class at cuchd, blackboard, the default grade is numerical. There are many places where students may see their grades, including the grade book, Grades pages, and graded things in your course. A student receives 88 points out of a possible 100 for the overall grade.


Download Blackboard App For Pc

According to the app’s website, the Blackboard app for Windows is no longer maintained and was withdrawn from the Microsoft Store on December 31, 2019. However, support and upgrades are provided for the app on all major platforms, including iOS and Android.


How to log into cuims and cuchd blackboard login

Chandigarh University Login is available by visiting this link:

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your user ID on the login page.
  3. Next, press the Next button.
  4. Then type in your Password.
  5. To access your student home dashboard, sign in.

What is CUIMS ID?

University administrators give students and staff with CUIMS IDs as login credentials. CUCHD blackboard, CU LMS, and other Chandigarh University logins all utilise it.

The login ID and Password for each Student are given out randomly.

The Chandigarh University Management System mobile app is available on Google Play if you can use your smartphone to access the student portal. Despite some negative feedback, it’s worth a go.

CU LMS login

Chandigarh University makes use of CU LMS as a learning management system for its students. Visit to begin the login process. Students admitted to the program may access the CU LMS by using their University Registration number (Roll number) as their Username and Password.

Chandigarh University’s Learning Management System (CU LMS) is similar to Blackboard in that it makes learning as simple as clicking a button.

The well-designed study material gives the Student the freedom to organize their studies according to their own needs while also providing enough room for the professionals to develop the e-content and deliver it effectively.

Toll-free Cuims support is available by calling this number: 1800 1212 88800.

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