Day 1 of the Blue Jays’ 2022 MLB Draft Analysis

Brandon Barriera, Josh Kasevich, Tucker Toman, and Cade Doughty were among the Blue Jays’ first-round picks in 2022.

The Blue Jays had two picks in the first 120 picks last year. Toronto’s selection cup is overflowing at this year’s MLB Draft.

Toronto had access to more players and could target players with “some high signabilities,” according to Shane Farrell, director of amateur scouting.

“It was fun coming in today with four picks,” Farrell said. “Especially compared to last year, when we only picked in the first and third rounds and had no action in the second. So today was a good day to make amends.”

The Blue Jays began the day with a flame-throwing high school southpaw before turning to the bats. Here’s a quick rundown of what Toronto got with its first four picks in the 2022 MLB Draft:

Barriera has high-90s heat from the left side, but the fastball may not even be his most exciting weapon. His slider, curveball, and changeup combine with his heat to form a polished pitch mix.

We already discussed what drew the Jays to Barriera after the first round on Sunday, but the delivery and athleticism “really stood out,” according to Farrell.

While Barriera has committed to play college baseball at Vanderbilt next season, Farrell stated that the Jays “don’t foresee much difficulty in getting things done” with their first four picks.

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