Do you want to change your Discord theme or background?

Most applications now enable you to alter your backdrop. For instance, WhatsApp allows you to change your conversations’ backdrop by going to “Chat Wallpaper.” While the function has been there for a long time. Some individuals who know it satisfied with the WhatsApp theme standard.

However, some want to adapt it to their aesthetics. Changing your Discord backdrop is more complex than changing your WhatsApp background. This is because third-party software has to installed. Therefore, in this tutorial, you will discover how to modify your Discord Theme.

  1. How to Change Your Background on Discord
  2. How do I change my theme on Discord?
  3. Is BetterDiscord allowed?

How to Change Your Background on Discord

You need to download BetterDiscord to modify your background on Discord. Download a theme from BetterDiscordLibrary and paste the CSS document into the Theme folder after downloading BetterDiscord. At now, Discord cannot change your background or theme. Only a dark or light composition may alter the look of the program. A few message display choices are also available—Cozy and Compact.

There are no further customizing options other than that. To adapt your background/theme to Discord, a third-party program such as BetterDiscord. BetterDiscord offers several features like emotes, tailor-made CSS, display modes, plugins, and custom themes.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the app and to change your Discord backdrop.

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  1. Download BetterDiscord

The first step is to download BetterDiscord on your desktop (hence called BandagedBD).

Keep in mind that you can’t do this on your mobile device—it works solely on a PC.

  1. First of all, go to the Github website for BetterDiscordApp to get the installation.
  2. Under “Assets,” you will notice many folders you may download.
  3. If you use Windows, you may download it by clicking on the “BandagedBD Windows.exe” folder.
  4. On the other hand, please click on the folder “BandagedBD” instead if you use Mac.
  5. Double-click on the installer once the folder is downloaded.
  6. Then click the “BandagedBD Install” button.
  7. Next, choose the “Install to Stable” option that installs the programme on your C drive.
  8. Finally, click the “Install” button for BetterDiscord installation.

Please be aware that BetterDiscord is not a separate application—it’s a Discord client change that enables you to install plugins and themes.

Therefore, it will be merged with Discord once you have successfully installed BetterDiscord.

Go to the following step to find out how to modify your Discord background.

  1. Download a theme from BetterDiscordLibrary

Select and download a theme from the BetterDiscordLibrary.

You may now modify your theme on Discord that you have successfully installed BetterDiscord.

However, you must first choose and download a theme of your choosing.

  1. First, go to the website of BetterDiscordLibrary.
  2. You will get a list of all the user-created issues once on the theme page.
  3. Select and download your preferred theme by clicking on it (e.g., BasicBackground).
  4. To get the theme CSS document, click on the “Download” button.

Keep in mind the folder which the theme has downloaded. This is because you will need it for the last step. Continue in the next and final step to discover how to change your Discord background to the theme you just downloaded.

  1. Open Discord and copy the theme over to the Theme Folder.

Open Discord > User Settings > Themes > Open Theme Folder > Copy & paste the theme that you’ve downloaded to the Theme Folder.

Now that you have downloaded the theme of your choice, it is time to change the regular Discord theme with it.

You’ll need BetterDiscord in this step, which you got from the first stage.

  1. First, on your desktop, launch Discord.
  2. Click on the gear button to navigate your Discord profile to the user settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar once you are on the User Settings page.
  4. Under “Bandaged BD,” a tab saying “Themes” will appear.
  5. To access the themes page, click on “Themes.”
  6. Click the “Access Theme Folder” button on the topics page to open the theme folder.
  7. Then open the explorer file and go to the CSS Theme Document you obtained from step 2.
  8. Copy the CSS document and paste or transfer it to the Theme Folder.
  9. You will now have a choice to use the background.
  10. Finally, turn on the option to enable Discord background.

Once the background is activated, the standard Discord background be changed.

Enable the theme to change your Discord background!

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your Discord background/theme!

If you wish to deactivate the theme, just disable the theme switch.

You may also remove the topic by clicking on the button “Trash.”

You may do this on the BetterDiscordLibrary website if you wish to add more themes.

How do I change my theme on Discord?

To change your Discord theme, click on the gear symbol on your profile to go to the User Settings page.

Navigate to App Settings > Appearance > Themes > Dark/Light for a dark- or light-mode theme.

You may download BetterDiscord if you want more configurable settings.

BetterDiscord enables you to change the app topic from BetterDiscordLibrary to a user-created one.

Is BetterDiscord allowed?

BetterDiscord is not technically permitted on Discord since it is not contradiction to Discord’s service terms.

However, no one has been prohibited from using Discord, so it’s fair to believe you’re not banned.

Customer changes are not reviewed by Discord. Therefore you take a risk by installing them.

That stated, it is safe to utilize BetterDiscord since thousands of individuals use it.

They also have a Discord help server with over 92,000 users.


Better Discord is Discord’s most famous customer customization tool. There are currently not many Discord customization choices in terms of themes. Discord is yet to offer a feature that enables users to alter the app’s backdrop too. Users must now depend on customer changes to convert it.

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