Dramacool Legitimacy : App download link for IOS, Android, Windows [Update September 2021]

At the time of a global pandemic, you are limited to your home. So that if someone wants to see the newest movies, you will have to acquire OTT platforms and wait for the film to be released.

This implies that theatres and cinemas are now historical objects. Given that everyone is limited to their houses, they can’t spend more time at home. Which means they are more likely to watch and consume more material.

Today, we discuss one of these online sites that can be utilised to enjoy worldwide material free of charge (mainly Korean films) and if using this platform is secure.

We’re talking about Dramacool if you’re still in the dark. What does it mean? Let us examine this and then if it is safe to utilise it.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a site offering a significant quantity of Korean Drama and film with excellent quality. The sound quality and the subtitles of the material accessible on the site are commendable since they are well synchronised and applied.

The site, in short, is one of the finest websites, with South Korean drama films with English subtitles as a plus point.

About the user interface, something essential in sites that provide content, given that some of the sites do not give a correct UI, which is typically either misleading or the search engine is faulty.

Fortunately, though, the website is quite essential and beautiful. In addition, the Dramacool website is simple to use with a wide variety of material and quick search options.

If you don’t know the site, you don’t need to sit and learn how the information you want to discover is easy to use and locate.

Now you know what Dramacool is, you may question us, “However, is it safe to use?” If you wondered about the same thing, don’t worry that we will talk briefly about the same in this post.

How to Browse Dramacool Safely

Step 1: Avoid clicking on ads.

 We suggest this because most of the ads on these sites are of different scams; the ad says that you have won a lottery or are the winner of a big reward.

When you click on it, you will be directed to another website, where you will be prompted to enter your bank ID password. Never and we repeat NEVER do it, since it is a guy who asks you to do so, to steal you of your money. Therefore, don’t click on such advertisements.

Step 2:Use an antivirus- 

Sometimes advertisements do not include frauds, but instead, they are provided with viruses and other dangerous software to steal your information. This is a simple, yet enduring technique.

Suppose your frequent sites like Dramacool and other pirate sites present you with these advertisements. In that case, it is recommended to invest the money on a premium antivirus plan, given that the free ones are not of value.

When you buy an antivirus, it will identify and destroy it if there’s a Trojan horse or malware, thereby preventing you from any data breach.

Step 3: Avoid such sites (Isn’t it obvious)

If you do not have to be the first to view movies, video and OTT platform subscriptions or Korean access material via a well-known site, avoid accessing such Piracy websites. Piracy is a crime in certain nations, and you may be punished, so tread carefully when you do the same and visit places.

To end this subject, Dramacool is secure to some extent, but you may not know about hidden dangers. We have discussed many methods to defend oneself from these dangers, so you don’t have anything to worry about if you are cautious.

Hope this essay will help you understand whether Dramacool is a secure place. We also hope that you enjoyed this post.

If Dramacool does not appeal because of legal problems, you may try any of its other equivalents. The Little Facts have discovered many totally free legal streaming sites for Asian shows. Here are a few:

  1. Viki (free)

    In most areas, Viki is accessible. The site lists all legal sites for Asian Drama, in particular on the Chinese drama market. You may be confident that you get HD quality preferable to that offered by YouTube.
  2. You Tube

YouTube should have been on the list first if not because of its poor quality then Viki’s. However, after three seconds, you may simply skip any advertisements.


You may check out if this website is only accessible in Asia before it is used. It displays several ancient and contemporary Chinese dramas.

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Dramacool Official Data on Play Stores 

Dramacool is in the entertainment category. You may check all applications from the Dramacool developer. This software is now free. This software may be downloaded via APKFab or Google Play on Android 4.0+.

DC Downloaded 20,000+ people – DramaCool’s newest edition of 9Apps is free every week! This is a beautiful app, unique among Android applications. This popular app came out on 2020-01-14. Recently, you may see more applications on 9Apps.

New Korean drama update for everyone. You may discover the title of the Drama that you desire, and you’ll soon watch it.

Any videos. Any videos. This app is simply an organised method of navigating and viewing the videos found on the public website.

Dramacool is a programme that adds new Korean Drama from many sources.

Dramacool is a free application offering daily Korean film broadcast schedules, film contents summaries and actor information.

Get every video from the daily channel in this application.

We combine numerous stations into one application (Korean Drama) to quickly find Korean Film. You will get notified when new Korean Dramas and Films are launched by just introducing one application.

Are you worried about the size of this application? This high-end entertainment software is just 9.0M. It essentially doesn’t use much RAM while operating in the background. 9Apps also offers more popular android mobile phone entertainment apps(games). Purchase and enjoy on your Android phone or tablet immediately.

It can’t be simpler to legally see Chinese Drama nowadays since many legal sites offer a lot of Drama. Note: The following are not permitted: Dramacool, Drama, Dramanice, DramaFire, KissAsian. Dramacool & KissAsian have been prosecuted for violation of copyright.

There has been so much questioning regarding Dramacool and its legitimacy. So many individuals still cannot determine if it’s legitimate, legal and secure. But what is Dramacool, first of all?

Suppose you are a lover of Asian Drama, Dramacool bells. Dramacool is one of the finest entertainment venues to view your favourite Asian drama programmes.

On this site, there is a broad range of Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas. In addition, you need to bother less about English subtitles. Dramacool offers these subtitles to a broader audience outside Asia.

Dramacool Legitimacy

There have been several gossips about whether or not Dramacool is safe. However, Little Facts shows that this website is secure for all ages since it does not push inappropriate ads.

Furthermore, Dramacool does not collect any fees. On this site, you may watch your favourite Asian drama programme for free. Several studies indicate that the large website continues to make enormous revenues through pop-up advertising.

Contrary to other drama websites, Dramacool maintains the user interface smoothly with pop-up advertising. There are barely any irritating advertisements on the site. Many reviews indicate that streaming speed in Dramacool is relatively high, to be honest.

The primary issue, however, is the legality of Dramacool across nations.

Have you previously tried Dramacool? If true, then you know the domain name of the website. However, Dramacool continues to change its website address, making it suspect. Why do you behave anonymously?

Some allegations indicate that Dramacool enables users to see films via unlawful methods. Since then, several nations have banned this website since it violates different legislation in their respective countries. In addition, Dramacool and KissAsian were sued in 2016 for copyright violations.

Asia Invisible states that it is not lawful for Dramacool, KissAsian, Dramanice, DramaFire and Drama. We don’t encourage your favourite movies to be streamed on pirate sites. You are confident of your data security with legal sites. But if it’s legal in your nation, you may continue to use Dramacool.

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