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Health & Fitness is one the most significant aspects of our life. Staying healthy is the key to leading a successful and happy life. As we all know, the Covid 19 virus is spreading worldwide, and it directly affects our respiratory system. Infected people face a lot of difficulties while breathing. This article will explain the five most effective pranayama practices that you must perform every day to strengthen your lungs by increasing their capacity exercise for lungs.

“Pranayamas” are the ancient breathing practices to control your breath. It directly connects your body with your mind. These practices help in supplying sufficient oxygen to your lungs so that you can breathe easily. 

5 Most Effective Pranayamas Exercises to increase the Lung’s Capacity

1. Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika is an effective breathing exercise for our lungs. It is a simple technique for inhaling or exhaling air through your nose exercise for lungs.

How Bhastrika Pranayam is done

  • First, you have to sit in Vajrasana or Sukhasana, but sitting in vajrasana is more beneficial. 
  • After sitting in Vajrasana, the First way to perform bhastrika is to breathe in with your nose for 5 seconds and breathe out from your nose for 5 seconds. Keep repeating this till 10 to 20 rounds every day. You can increase the no. of repetitions as per your comfort level.
  • The second technique is to breathe in for 2.5 seconds and breathe out for the same 2.5 seconds.
  • The third method is to breathe in rapidly and breathe out rapidly. You can perform this Pranayama in any way you like it.

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

  • Bhastrika Pranayamas Provides sufficient oxygen to our lungs which results in better and comfortable breathing exercise for lungs.
  • It removes the excess phlegm from the lungs.
  • It increases the amount of oxygen in your blood.
  • It supplies oxygen to all the organs, especially the mind, and improves the functioning of your mind as well.
  • This Pranayama is effectively curing Asthma, stress or hypertension, heart disease, Tuberculosis, tumors, and other lung problems.

Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom is also one of the most influential and popular Pranayama to improve breathing exercise for lungs and cure severe diseases.

Steps to do Anulom Vilom

  • Firstly, Now put your one hand on the knee in the rest position and bring the second hand close to your nose.
  • Now close your left nostril with the smallest finger and breathe in deeply with your right nostril now; put your thumb on the right nostril and exhale out with the left nostril. And fold your index finger with the middle finger together.
  • Then, breathe in with the left nostril and exhale out with the right nostril.
  • You must do it for 5-10 minutes every day for at least 20 rounds. You can increase the time by 15-30 minutes at your convenience.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom

  • This Pranayama increases your concentration and memory power.
  • Anulom vilom also improves the blood flow in the whole body, including the heart, and lowers the risk of blockage in arteries. It reduces the chances of heart stroke or failure.
  • Anulom Vilom is also helpful in curing skin problems because it purifies the blood and improves our skin health.
  •  This exercise helps in purifying and cleansing the lungs and makes them stronger 
  • It regulates the blood flow in the body and improves in strengthening the digestive system as well.

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Bhramari Pranayama

Steps to Perform Bhramari Pranayama

  • To perform Bhramari Pranayam properly and organized, first, you need to sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana and always remember to keep your spinal cord straight.
  • Now put your thumbs on both ears and index fingers on your forehead and close your eyes with the other three fingers of both hands.
  • Now take a deep breath and release the sound of “Om” alongside. 
  • Repeat this exercise at least 5-20 times as per your comfort level exercise for lungs.

Health Benefits of Bharamari Pranayamas

  • This is considered the most efficient breathing technique to relieve stress and to keep your mind calm.
  • It also improves the lung’s function and reduces the risk of heart blockage as well.
  • It lowers your blood pressure and is believed to be the best cure for Hypertension and Insomnia.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

How to Perform

  • This Pranayama is also a simple inhale and exhale technique
  • First, you need to sit down comfortably in a cross-legged position(Sukhasana) and take a deep breath with both your nostrils together.
  • Now exhale exercise for lungs rapidly with both your nostrils.
  • Now repeat it for at least 5 minutes every day.

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Benefits of doing Kapalbhati Pranayama

  • This technique is beneficial in curing liver problems like Hepatitis and Jaundice.
  • This Pranayama fills our lungs with oxygen and oxygenates the dead space in the lungs, which strengthens the lungs.
  • It also supports the lower abdominal muscles and helps in weight loss as well by improving digestion.

Ujjayi Pranayama

How to Perform

  • Firstly, you need to sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana while keeping your spinal cord straight.
  • Now take a deep breath as much as you can, now hold the breath for double the time of inhaling and exhale it slowly as much as you can.
  • Now repeat it 5-10 times every day.

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Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama

  • Ujjayi helps balance the Cardio-respiratory System and circulates oxygen to your muscles exercise for lungs and organs, and removes waste.  
  • It reduces headaches, cleanses the body by removing the phlegm from the lungs, and gives strength to the nervous and digestive systems.
  • Ujjayi supplies a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood and controls blood pressure.

All these breathing techniques or Pranayamas, we have discussed here, are proven very effective and helpful in the functioning of our respiratory system. If you have not performed these pranayamas before, then start today, and you will get the result within a few months or weeks.

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