5 Strange Facts about China

If you are not from China, you will find a big difference in this country’s lifestyle and culture. Some of the ‘things that happen in the world’s most populous world allow for the definition of ‘strange.’ So if someone out there has a heart for passing a strange kind of experience, visit China otherwise learn Facts about China. We are sure that the pages in your travel diary will end, but the strangeness of the world will continue to amaze you or, perhaps, shock you.

5 Strange Facts about China

Some Chinese people use geese instead of police dogs

Police in rural China’s Xinjiang province are no longer turning to dogs to patrol police stations at night. They use geese instead of Facts about China. And it works. According to a recent report, a young man tried to enter the police station to retrieve a motorcycle confiscated by police.
Geese are birds that love the environment, and they will make a terrific racket when threatened Facts about China. They also have an incredible sense of smell and, like most birds, have sharp eyebrows, making them more effective than dogs and even seeing unwelcome predators.

Geese came to the force in Roman life in 390 BC. Holy to the goddess Juno, a herd of geese kept in his temple saw the Gauls stealthily climb a steep hill to attack the city of Rome. Geese are still used as guardians in many parts of the world today.

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Children poop everywhere in china

In China, it is socially acceptable for children to urinate and, in many cases, to urinate in public. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing Facts about China. The little boys take out their stuff and urinate almost anywhere they see fit.

Usually, a parent will try to direct their children to the toilet over the sewer, trees, or grass area, but this is not always the case Facts about China. It is not uncommon to see a small child urinating on the floor of a store, on the bus – almost anywhere. The social parameter that allows children to relax in the community is ideal for children trained to go to the toilet.

It is much easier for a parent to let his child drop a tray and walk down the street than to fly to the bathroom several times each day. It also interferes with the toilet training process if the baby kept in nappies every time they taken out in public. Young children in China often wear open-toed trousers on the back with nothing underneath that allows them to untie themselves whenever they wish without sitting in their trash while waiting to be cleaned.

The festival dedicated to eating dogs

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, an annual food festival held in Yulin, a city in the southeastern state of Guangxi province in southern China. Born in the heat of summer and lasts for ten days, the festival has sparked controversy at home and abroad Facts about China.

It estimated that about 10,000 dogs killed during the festival. Critics claimed that the animals treated cruelly and inhumanely, including kept in overcrowded and unsanitary cages, transported over long distances without food and water, and executed with sticks.

Photographs of the event, taken by activists, show some of the dogs wearing collars, suggesting that they stolen from livestock Facts about China. However, some deny that most Chinese people do not eat dog meat. In addition, they assert that the festival, which was first held in 2010, has no tradition or tradition and exists primarily for commercial purposes. Millions of people from China and abroad have signed petitions to ban the slaughter of meat dogs.

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35 million people still live in caves

In China, calling a man, a cave not considered an insult. For example, Mao Zedong lived in a cave before becoming a world leader Facts about China. Today, many Chinese still live in caves. And this is not only about one or two-person people; according to the LA Times, at least 30 million people – and perhaps close to 40 million – Chinese currently live in caves, save energy and have a lower impact on the environment.

Some Chinese caves exist there for generations, and they often have modern facilities such as plumbing, electricity, and telephone service. In addition, because of their natural resources and existing land use. Chinese cave dwellings needed fewer building materials than initially built. And because the hills eroded in cave caves served as a natural separation all year round, they are much more economical than your one-family home. “Save electricity,” Liu Jiaping, director of the Green Architecture Research Center in Xian, told The Times. “Farmers can keep their arable land for planting if they build houses on the slopes.”

Many Chinese caves are located in Shaanxi province, where digging cave dwellings from mountainous. Yellow Loess plains is relatively easy Facts about China. According to the LA Times, each cave in Shaanxi province consists of a rounded door. Covered with rice paper or metal and led to a long, narrow excavated chamber excavated by a mountain.

It is possible to restore virginity in china

A growing number of Chinese women – especially those in their 20’s and about to get married. Choosing a surgical procedure called “hymen restoration,” which restores the song to. Its original state before it broken Facts about China. Which often occurs during sexual intercourse but also occurs during sports or other strenuous activities.

But, of course, a form of preservation and arrogance continues. Many men, including white-collar experts, say they want to marry a virgin thing. And more and more freed Chinese women have found a way to bind them Facts about China. For women who do not want surgery, the cheapest, fastest way to go, “Renewal,” is available. In many new sex shops. Chinese-made hymen creates a constructive feeling of the man then sheds fake blood when it cracked.

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There are many and things to see in China; but you may find so many things weird and different from your country. Next time if you plan to visit China, keep these things in your mind. Otherwise, you may face situations that may not be acceptable to you.

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