FFXIV Addons & Mods That You Need To Try

One of Final Fantasy XIV’s most significant aspects is its mod support, which includes streamlined workflows and web hosts that provide various mods to meet the game’s ever-growing community’s needs. If you need a short tutorial on how to install FFXIV mods or find a suitable location to store them, check out our FFXIV TexTools guide.

How To Install FFXIV Mods

  • After you’ve set up your Final Fantasy Realm Reborn folder, go to Nexus Modifications or XIV Mod Archive and download a Final Fantasy XIV mod or mods.
  • Then, in FFXIV TexTools, click on any mods in the top left corner. Next, select the downloaded mod(s) from the Import MoD Packs menu and press open.
  • Inside the mod folder, a new file menu will appear with all the files automatically checked. Select Import Mod Pack and watch the files import all the files from the folder. You’ll know TexTools has finished importing when the popup notification says complete.
  • Your new mod should be listed under the FFXIV TexTools Mod List page.
  • Your first mod has been successfully installed (hopefully).

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Best FFXVI Mods

  • Face Defined 

 A person’s face will be the most striking feature that they use to identify them. So the mod would be helpful for anyone who wants to add or improve new features to their face. No matter the gender, it will replace every vanilla texture face with new eye colors and textures.

  • Alex’s Reshade Preset

One of my favorites, Alex’s Reshade Preset, is the most dramatic visual improvement on this list.

In the hope of making FFXIV look more like a recent release rather than a decade-old title, the Reshade Preset attempts to present a far sharper image quality, completely overhauling the lighting.

It might be taxing on your computer, however, if you undergo such an extensive graphical overhaul. In addition, installing this thing requires a current version of your hardware.

  • Heavensward SweetFX

Heavensward SweetFX is a shader mod that grants the in-game world richer shadows that make the game look fantastic.

Nearly every setting in Heavensward envelops you with a moody glow, immersing you never like before. In addition, FFXIV mods can be found at Heavensward SweetFX, which will show you just what modding is all about.

  • Touch of Real

Originally, Touch of Real was two mods – Touch of Real Female and Touch of Real Male. The idea is to replace outdated textures of male and female characters with something that can still be used in the 2020s.

It is without a doubt one of the best graphical upgrades available today. In terms of improving the look of FFXIV without burning out your GPU, the two Touch of Real mods is must-haves, even though you’ll still need some of the others to touch up here and there.

  • Custom UI

Customizing your layout is possible with this mod.

The fact that it was hidden within the game’s files meant it was not commonly used. So even though this isn’t a mod, you can still enjoy its improved features. It’s always nice to see someone help out the community by releasing hidden features for free.

  • HD Summons 

This mod will make your evocation more vibrant and exciting if you practice it as a summon. It is, therefore, a beauty upgrade.

By following the instructions in the mod, you will be able to add summons to your pets.

  • Select the text tools.
  • View the companions by clicking on the pets list.
  • Each pet should be exported with HD mod.
  • Once you have finished, go back to the text tool options.
  • Customize your saved folder with exported mods.
  • Moogle Maps 

This FFXIV mod is a must-have for every player since it replaces your normal map and shows where the treasure is hidden. 

It will also make your daily hunting experience more convenient by putting monsters right in front of you.

V.5.1.0 Shadowbringers – Timeworn Zonureskin Map Locations is the latest one.

  •  HD Buffs Icons

 It will expand your game’s capabilities in terms of buffs and debuffs.

 It’s for the status effects, making them more attractive when expanded. For those unaware of what buffs do, they are used for that.

How to add FFXVI mods?

  1. The first thing you need to do is close the game entirely before applying mods.
  2. The Ff14TexTools must be downloaded and set up to use mods.
  3. You can now select a mod once you have finished setting up.

Steps to apply:

  1. “Text tools” will open.
  2. Locate the file you wish to replace.
  3. Select the option “Export as DDS.”
  4. In-text tools, click the “folder” button to get the file you need to replace.
  5. Place the downloaded file in place of this one.
  6. Click import after you have finished editing the text.

I hope the above-listed mods and the process for installing them help you in your gaming journey.

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