Resolved: FFXIV Unable to Complete Version Check

Are you facing FFXIV Boot Error in FFXIV? Does this error show FFXIV is unable to complete version check? Stay tuned with GlobleCare, and you will access the FFXIV version check successfully. We will tell you easy steps which you need to follow to fix the FFXIV boot error version check failed. To clear every doubt from the very start, we want to tell you that, unable to complete version check FFXIV doesn’t have any automatic fix that you can click and fix. So, we will be telling you the complete manual process to fix FFXIV unable to complete version check.

FFXIV unable to complete version check- Overview

Overall, MMOs have a very long life. So get patches to fix bugs, add-ons to accommodate more content, and balance changes to keep your game from being dominated by one playstyle. 

Unfortunately, the need for this constant game update leaves room for errors and problems. FINAL FANTASY XIV is not affected by these issues and has displayed error messages indicating that it has been unable to complete the version check for many years. 

This particular error seems to occur more often immediately after the patch. This issue isn’t new, but there aren’t many definitive fixes. But anyway, here are some of the best fixes and workarounds we’ve found for bugs.

FFXIV unable to complete version check- Main Problem

Team GlobleCare is very active in playing games and finding bugs from the competition. So you could say that we have some experts for FFXIV. Previously, they have told you about FFXIV Mods. If you haven’t yet watched that, then we will recommend you to view that article also. For now, let’s concentrate on our problem, i.e., FFXIV unable to complete version check. From many users, we got a complaint that the game is showing an FFXIV Boot error. 

By concerning with different users and experts of FFXIV, we got a single answer. That the game is showing the same error even after the update. FFXIV unable to complete version check error could be due to various reasons. This includes pending updates, a slow network connection, or an active windows firewall, etc. But the experts had a different opinion on FFXIV Boot error. They said that FFXIV unable to complete the version check error due to the boot Configuration File and the cache.

  • Windows Defender Firewall
  • Network Interrupt 
  • Not updating the FFXIV
  • Boot Configuration File
  • Game cache

FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check- Boot Error Types

  • (30410)(30607)(20457)(404)
  • 30605504 
  • (30605 20446)(404)
  • (30410)(30607) (20459) (10009) (10019)
  • (30605)(10009) (19900) (12029)
  • FFXIV unable to complete version update 2020
  • 30419
  • 30426
  • FFXIV unable to complete version update PS3
  • 30437
  • ffxiv boot error version check failed
  • unable to complete version check ffxiv
  • 30605

FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check- Complete Fix

When we asked experts for fixing the FFXIV unable to complete version check error, they told us some of the critical steps as follows:

1: Check the servers

Since the game is an MMO-RPG, the server may be temporarily unavailable, and you may get error 30605504 that FFXIV cannot complete the version check. This is common in MMO-RPG games. Therefore, the first thing to check is whether the server is running.

  • Visit the SquareEnix Forum to track any issues with the game. 
  • If so, make sure your game servers are back online for the time listed on the forum.

2: Fix problem with your PC and Router

This is a relatively simple fix and is usually the first solution to almost any technical problem. However, turning it off and back on may solve the whole problem. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the steps below FFXIV is unable to complete version check 30410. 

  • Disconnect your router or wifi network from your PC.
  • Turn off your computer and router. 
  • Keep waiting for a few minutes to restart your computer and router and reconnect your device.
  • Run the FFXIV now.

3: Verify Game Cache in local files again

This solution is for users playing FFXIV on the Steam client. The Steam client will display an error message if the game files are corrupted/corrupted or missing. And Steam has a workaround for this. Checking the game cache can reload missing or corrupted FFXIV files. As recommended by many users, this method will fix the FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check 30605 Error. These are the easy steps that you need to follow on the steam client.

  1. Go to steam Library.
  2. Find Final Fantasy XIV.
  3. Right-click on Final Fantasy XIV.
  4. Click on the Properties button.
  5. Go to the Local files tab.
  6. Select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache.’
  7. Try playing the FFXIV now.

4: Edit the Boot Configuration File

Sometimes, for some reason, the boot config file can’t be set up correctly, and as a result, the boot config file needs to be manually modified to start the game without errors. To fix the FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check error on your PC, you must manually configure the game’s ffxiv_boot.cfg file. Follow the instructions below to see how to do it.

  1. Open My Computer section.
  2. Go to the following location.

Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\

  1. Find ffxiv_boot.cfg in the list.
  2. Right-click on the file.
  3. Open the file with Notepad.
  4. Search BootVersionCheckMode in the file. 
  5. Change the value from 0 to 1.
  6. Now, do steps 6 and 7 for B4EulaAgreement.
  7. Now save the file and enjoy the game again.

Final Wording from Author

With this, we are at the end of FFXIV, unable to complete the version check. If you can’t still play Final Fantasy XIV due to being unable to complete version check, then have a review for some other tricks. For example, you could try to disable the firewall, use a VPN, test with a different network connection, etc. 











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