TAMIL MOVIES ON NETFLIX: Netflix India’s regional collection of material is limited, but if the recent rush of OTT releases and their response are any indication, these are exciting times for both filmmakers and viewers to experiment with and appreciate a wide range of cinematic genres. We’ve looked through all of the films available on Netflix right now and selected the greatest Tamil movies available, both in the mainstream and independent spaces, as of May 27, 2021.

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1. Mandela (2021)

Director: Madonne Ashwin

Madonne Ashwin, who has previously contributed to highly praised films such as Kurangu Bommai as a writer, makes his feature film directing debut with Mandela. The storey revolves on a seemingly insignificant barber who ends up casting the crucial vote in a local body election. Yogi Babu’s outstanding performance serves as the glue that holds the picture together. Using a smart script that does not provide public service announcements in the guise of a monologue, Ashwin delivers a subtle message about government and caste politics. Keep an eye out for Vidhu Ayyanna’s lush views of the hamlet and Bharath Sankar’s calming soundtrack, which are both included in this film.

2. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal (2020)

Director: Desingh Periyasamy

Because of the trailers and marketing for the film, you may be under the impression that it is a typical romantic comedy. The picture, directed by Desingh Periyasamy, is far from being that. In addition to Dulquer Salmaan and Ritu Varma and Gautham Menon and Rakshan, the new, unique heist comedy has every aspect of a good-natured entertainment — thrills, humour, romance, and plot twists that keep you continually on the verge of falling off the edge of your seat. The script of Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is the true star of the show.

3. K.D. (2019)

Director: Madhumita Sundararaman

A documentary about the journey of an innocent, kind 80-year old man named K.D (Mu Ramaswamy) who is seeking to flee his family after learning that they are planning to murder him, and the orphaned, humorous and devoted 8-year old boy named Kutty. K.D. is a sweet, pleasant narrative that pulls at your heartstrings and is laced with life lessons aplenty without preaching to the choir. This is one of the greatest films of 2019, thanks to a well-narrated effort and standout performances from the main characters. One thing I would have changed is that it might have been a bit tighter towards the end. However, this does not detract from the overall quality of the picture, which is well-made and well-meaning.

4. Lens (2015)

Director: Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan

It is the subject of Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan’s unsettling cautionary tale that the dark and depraved corners of the digital universe are explored. Arvind, a software developer who also happens to be a family guy, is sitting across from a computer screen in his private room. Being separated from his wife, he eagerly seeks for a voyeurism and virtual sex session on the internet. He is unsuccessful. He accepts a random friend request from a young lady who has a lovely profile photo on her social media site. However, the only person who appears on the other end of the line is a tall, bald guy. The guy had just one simple, though terrifying, request: ‘please stand by and watch me commit suicide.’ The stranger has already devised a creative and apparently terrible scheme to catch Arvind before Arvind can even withdraw from the internet.

Director Jayaprakash avoids using clear narrative techniques and instead subtly conveys the brutality and sexual abuse perpetrated on the main characters in the film. Anand Sami’s portrayal of the vengeful stranger is one of the most talked-about aspects of the storey. Overall, it’s a daring, hard-hitting movie that serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of virtual reality.

5. Bahubali (2015-17)

Director: SS Rajamouli

The Bahubali series requires you to do more than just suspend your disbelief. It transports you to the region of the possibilities, where you will see giant waterfalls, a legendary kingdom, a metropolis that rises to the skies, water to air transportation, royal intrigues, strange battle scenes, and many more surprises.

Every shot and sequence has been scripted and filmed with such finesse that it makes you wonder at human strength and ability.

Nothing like this heavenly craziness has ever been seen or experienced in Indian film before. We can only hope that one day soon, Rajamouli will be able to combine these two portions into a single three-hour picture that will be subtitled in English and will introduce worldwide audiences to the wonder of Indian cinema.

6. Visaranai (Interrogation) (2015)

Director: Vetrimaaran

“The System” by Vetrimaaran conveys dread, helplessness, and righteous rage. Using Chandrakumar’s harrowing book Lockup, the filmmaker explores police violence and corruption. Pandi (Dhinesh) & Co. and auditor (Kishore) were seen as inorganic. But that’s a tiny complaint in a storey full of terrible truths. It also engages our emotions.

Visaranai is a sneaky behind-the-scenes tour into the complicated partnership of the powers that be (media, police, etc).

The cops’ indifference and lack of responsibility is alarming.

7. Merku Thodarchi Malai (Western Ghats) (2018)

Director: Lenin Bharathi

It is among the new wave of Tamil films that concentrate on the state’s cultural, economic, and political realities. Merku Thodarchi Malai is less concerned with storey mechanics than many didactic Tamil social plays. It is an anthropological record, recording the landless workers’ rituals, livelihood, and dreams.

The opening 40 minutes of the film are set in a village near the Western Ghats. We saw the locals hauling huge bags of cardamom across rocky terrain. So the sparse storyline is on how the unseen and merciless capitalist forces uproot one of these workers’ personal dream.

The ethereal pictures by Easwar and Bharathi create a feeling of poignancy that words cannot. This is one of the greatest Tamil films of the decade.

8. Sila Samayangalil (Sometimes) (2018)

Director: Priyadarshan

Priyadarshan’s Netflix release benefits from hearty characters and precise observation of human condition. The storyline is pretty simple: seven frustrated strangers await the results of an HIV test.

Priyadarshan’s Netflix offering is bolstered by a cast of endearing characters and a keen understanding of the human condition. The plot is very straightforward: seven dissatisfied strangers are waiting for the results of an HIV test.

Using an irritating atmosphere, Priyadarshan reflects on the ultra-sensitive social context in which he lives. Prakash Raj portrays one of the film’s most major roles, a middle-aged guy who is in a state of turmoil. Ashok Selvan, Sriya Reddy, MS Bhaskar, Shanmugarajan, and Anjali Rao are among the many talented actors that appear in the film. Sila Samayangalil, in contrast to many Tamil films that are concerned with delivering a social message, does not exaggerate the gravity of the issue. There are several pacing flaws in the tale. Overall, however, it’s a compelling character-driven social drama that’s worth seeing.

9. Super Deluxe (2019)

Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Kumararaja’s neo-noir is superb. It has a specific style of storytelling that combines several diverse narratives into a singularity.

Writers: Mysskin, Nalan Kumarasamy, Neelan K.Sekhar, and Kumararaja. The film’s greatest strengths are its surprise and shock value. But the surprises weren’t only for shock effect. They have meaning and purpose. The cinematography is superb. EXECUTION IS ALSO The film elevates regular life tales to a new level.

The ability to be creative and imaginative is what sets Super Deluxe out from the ordinary. This film has all the hallmarks of a great director.

10. Sarvam Thaala Mayam (2019)

Director: Rajiv MenonSEE ALSO

This is a genre that is seldom explored in Tamil movies. Sarvam Thaala Mayam is a brilliantly staged musical about aspirations and passion that is a joy to see. A young movie enthusiast is the son of a competent mridangam maker who has a passion for music. He is assigned the task of delivering the instrument to Vembu Iyer, a well-known mridangam musician. He is captivated by the artist to the point that he chooses to pursue a career as a musician himself.

The film has several humorous moments, yet this does not detract from the overall serious tone of the production. Neither does the serious tone make it seem heavy-handed when dealing with important themes. The film is a wonderful symphony of emotions.

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11. Petta (2019)

Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Petta is a comprehensive fan service that has no right to be as fantastic as it truly is based on its audience size. The celebrity has a commanding presence on film that should not be dismissed. With his aggressive technique and characteristic Rajini swagger, he thoroughly dominates the performance.

The linked and convoluted plotlines are the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. The performances by the other actors are all pretty impressive in their own right. Awe-inspiring scenes of action unfold. The stunt work is excellent, and the short action cuts are virtually revolutionary in their speed and clarity. The emotional splendour of the picture is not as strong as it might have been, but it is still rather good.

12. Game Over (2019)

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Despite its flaws, Game Over is a full and totally superb film in every respect. It is concerned with the psychiatric condition known as “anniversary response,” which is produced by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in certain people. With its twists and turns, Game Over keeps you on the edge of your seat and never lets you go. You are captivated by the mystery and excitement that surrounds it.

Tapsee Pannu puts up a spectacular performance in this film. Despite the fact that the narrative is extraordinary, the film is innovative and fairly courageous in its approach to video games, using the medium to the fullest extent possible. It completely reinterprets thrillers and the cinematic experience as a whole.

13. Taramani (2017)

Our attention is piqued by the promise that Ram’s films would address timely and important societal issues. However, I find his main narrative core to be unclear and conflicting on many occasions. The main problem in his storytelling is the way in which the heroes are characterised.

Possibly the film’s most redeeming feature is Andrea’s outstanding portrayal as Althea, a single mother with a no-nonsense demeanour. It would have been more interesting if the storey had unfolded more from her point of view rather than from the point of view of the wastrel of a protagonist. Ram’s short socially conscience voice-overs do not bother me, contrary to the opinions of many detractors. The excellent interludes are more interesting to hear than the outrageous conduct of the characters, which is more exciting to witness. Furthermore, Ram’s visual perception is generally accurate.

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