Not a Good time, Said the Governor of Hawaii: Must Check Guide for Tourist.

In a bid to limit the number of visitors who come to Hawaii and expose their citizens and vacationers to the dangerous coronavirus, Hawaii Gov. David Ige appealed with travelers across the globe on Monday to avoid the islands until at least the end of October.

Ige’s comments were made on the same day that Oahu made new rules about the island’s state. As of Wednesday, gathering inside will be banned regardless of the number of individuals in attendance. Under this new regulation, events such as trade fairs, conferences, and concerts will be subject.

Hawaii Previous Covid Restrictions

Previously, all visitors were needed to have a negative coronavirus test before entering the state of Hawaii. However, this rule was rescinded last month for travelers who had been vaccinated. Ige said reinstituting the negative-test requirement for vaccinated visitors to Hawaii would be difficult. since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that domestic travel is safe for vaccinated individuals.

Tourists are not interested in visiting Hawaii because of Vaccination.

More individuals have returned to flying once the coronavirus vaccinations were readily accessible and pandemic restrictions were relaxed or removed. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, over 791,000 visitors landed in the Hawaiian islands via aircraft in June. In addition, the number of tourists who traveled from the East and West coasts of the United States in June was more than the amount who did so in May, when 629,000 people flew.

What Doctors say on Hawaii tourist number increasing very rapidly

While out-of-state healthcare professionals have been brought in to assist overburdened hospitals during the fourth wave of the epidemic, the news comes simultaneously. The federal government will provide $46 million to pay for 528 traveling healthcare professionals who will be deployed to various hospitals across the state of Hawaii. In addition, an 82nd out-of-state healthcare professional flew in on Monday to help after the island of Oahu declared an “internal state of emergency” after a sudden increase in people using covid-19 prompted a 25-bed tent to be put up outside a West Oahu hospital, according to the Star-Advertiser.

The latest number of cases in Hawaii

From the start of July, there has been a sudden rise in new COVID-19 cases in Hawaii. According to the New York Times, the 7-day average of new cases doubled last autumn, and it now peaks at 729 new cases per day. As of the last two weeks, 37% more new cases were reported, for a total of 9,300 cases active for COVID-19.

Gathering huge numbers of people in a short time, Blangiardi said, has caused a rise in instances in states and local communities. I also expressed his support for the recently implemented regulations in Oahu.

The new limitations allow sports events to continue, but spectators will no longer be allowed, and big concerts have been canceled. In addition, weddings and funerals must follow capacity restrictions, and restaurants must operate at half capacity.

Hawaii Governor David Ige stated his attendance at the Saturday webcast in which he addressed poor vaccination rates and the high number of younger patients in Hawaii’s hospitals. There has been a 160% increase in hospitalizations in the last two weeks, and hospitals are already running out of bed space for patients.

He went on to say that “another shutdown is truly the final option.” “That’s when the hospitals say they have reached the maximum they can handle, and it’s time to act further.

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