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Intra Haryana esalary slip download at eHRMS Haryana login, leave application, pension calculator Apply Online. The Haryana Govt has established an internet site called IntraHaryana. The site is equipped with all kinds of employee-based activities in a few minutes. Govt. provides pioneering online solutions to produce Intra Haryana esalary slip in the days of technology. The people of Haryana may conduct employee-based activities after register and establish a user account on the site. Once the account is set correctly, all the services are accessible to the user.

Intra Haryana

The site is accessible with a pool of capabilities to perform all kinds of produced tasks fast. However, the user may create a Family ID on this site. Follow a few easy steps to accomplish the necessary functions. Assure to follow on-screen directions at a very easy-to-use IntraHaryana site.

In this post, we provide the Paramount information to finish the registration. All the Haryana-based folks may check out the center to make correct use of the intra Haryana site. The site’s primary aim is to offer the esalary slips, GPF services and updates the family ID. As a user, you better comprehend the usage of portals and other available services. However, you can obtain the complete information provided in the post.


Intra Haryana Salary Slip 2021

Check the Intra Haryana portal services list.

The portal is described as a human resource management system that gives access to all the individuals to utilize the employee-based services. Once you enter the portal, you do not need to travel to use any type of employee-based services. You may go to the site and benefit yourself from all the necessary services. Let’s check out the list of a few services such as-

  • Update your family ID and calculate your pension.
  • Examine your yearly property return.
  • Make leave applications.
  • Online, you may see the whole service book.
  • Obtain your monthly and annual pay statements.
  • Download the esalary 

Intra Haryana Registration and login 

As it is stated, you need to establish a user ID or password to operate on the intra Haryana portal. We offer step-by-step directions to log in at the intraHaryana site and go through the procedure. One may follow the necessary procedures to complete registration on the portal-

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website. Afterward, you need to click on the homepage of the site. Check out the area of login on the website.
  • Next, you have to go to the login area of the new registration form. It would be visible on your screen to all the users.
  • Click on the necessary item to proceed to the next page. You have to click on the candidates to choose the employee ID, salary account number, or unique code.
  • Once you have all the information, you would need to click on the submit.
  • A new page would emerge on the screen.
  • Now you have to enter your phone number information. As a user, you will receive the OTP on the registered mobile phone, for the password would be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Once the registration is successful, you may receive a notification on your smartphone screen. Here you may obtain the full login credentials to access the IntraHaryana site.
PortalIntra Haryana portal
SystemHuman Resource Management System
Also known asKarmchari Sahayak portal
RegistrationIntraharyana Online Registration 2021
Check onlineHaryana e Salary Pay Slip 2021 online
BeneficiariesGovernment employees
AppIntra Haryana Karmachari Sahayat app download Login

Suppose anybody wants to utilize all the services offered by the portal, you have to switch to the portal. First, there is a requirement to fill out the full credentials to access the site. If you are already a user of the portal, you may log in using the cellphone number or available code. Next, you have to complete the necessary procedures to log in at the intra Haryana portal.

  • As usual, you have to first go to the official page of the portal.
  • Next, you have to click on the portal’s homepage, and you can check out the login area.
  • Users may check out the cellphone number and access code that is used for logging in.
  • Enter the complete information and password given to you.
  • Next, you have to have a look at the captcha code or click on the login button.
  • The profile will be accessible on the website, and you may utilize the necessary services.

Intra Haryana e Salary Slip

Intraharyana e Salary slip Download

In the days of technological advances, the government can cope-up with technology to offer specialized features at the online intra Haryana portal. The program offers the capability of download the E slips. Employees of state may get the slip simply by making registration on the site. To obtain your esalary slp, you have to complete these stated steps-

  • You must first log in to the site before you may get esalary slip.
  • Visit the official website and use the necessary credentials to log in to the portal.
  • There is no need to log in to the user dashboard to access the salary choice, which is readily accessible.
  • You have two options for e-salary services, which you may look into.
  • The first choice is for a esalary, while the second is for the yearly salary information.
  • Users may request esalary on a monthly or annual basis, depending on their needs.
  • You may now choose the necessary option by clicking on it.
  • Click on the home page or input the required information. You may now hold your esalary stub in your hand.

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Intra Haryana Leave Application

The Intra Haryana web portal may also be used to update the family ID. At the site, registered workers may update or add family members as well as complete information. Right now, you may create your family ID without leaving your house. The necessary procedures must be taken to update the family ID-

  • First and foremost, you must visit the intra Haryana official website.
  • You must now log in using your current user ID or enter the code and password that will assist you in registering on the site.
  • The applicant would check out the complete choice of updating the family ID on the dashboard. It would help if you now chose the choice.
  • When you select the appropriate option, you will be sent to the family ID site.
  • The page would display all of the user’s family members’ information.
  • The complete information may be seen on the intra Haryana site.
  • After clicking on add member, you may enter the new member’s information. After the database is accessible inside the system, the individual will choose to select family members.
  • One may also add to the new member by providing complete information such as Aadhar and the necessary cellphone number.
  • After that, you may establish a family ID on the intra Haryana official website in only a few minutes.

Final Wording from Author

In conclusion, the site is established for all the inhabitants of Haryana to obtain the esalary slip, GPF statement, and other available services. Additionally, you may receive all these stated services accessible at the site with only a few clicks.



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