JoinPD com- Things you can try with Pear Deck

Did you know the features of Pear Deck? This is why you must be here for joinPD com. What you need to do is join Pear Deck with joinPD com code. There are many questions related to JoinPD com. For example, does joinPD com work with zoom, PowerPoint, Google slides? We need to answer many questions for peardeck and JoinPD com for first-time users or those who still don’t know how to use JoinPD com. So without further ados, let’s tell you what’s pear deck is and how it works. 

Join Pear Deck- Overview

Pear Deck is an EdTech company offering you Pear Deck Slides. Pear Deck slides are not like Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations. But Pear Deck is an interface to connect your presentation with others in the meeting. 

What is the joinPD com (pear deck) used for?

Just like zoom and Google Meet, now pear deck is quite famous among virtual classes. The main motto of creating an account on joinPD com is to present your presentation with other presentations apps, and people will be asking you questions right in the presentation. What joiners will need to watch your presentation is joinPD com code from the organizers and an active account on joinPD com. 

How does the joinPD com (pear deck) work?

As we already discussed that joinPD com works exactly like zoom and google meet. Because it is none other than an interactive tool for showing your presentation to students. 

Let’s take a look at joinPD com working with an example. Mr. David is a professor of Physics, and he wants to show their students the presentation of motion of law. 

  • First, what they need is the actual presentation.
  • Second, they will need a joinPD com account. 
  • Third, They would be uploading the presentation to the joinPD com account. 
  • Once they have done the presentation uploading on joinPD com they can generate the joinPD com code. 
  • Next, they have to share this joinPD com code with their students. 
  • Once everyone joins the presentation, Mr. David could run the presentation. 

How to create a JoinPD com account?

  • Search for or click on joinPD com. 
  • Click on the teacher’s login if you are a teacher. For students, click on join a session directly or click on
  • The teacher will now show two different options to log in. One is log in with Google, and the other is log in with Microsoft account. 
  • Give joinPD com access to your google drive to upload the presentation. 
  • You will be asked a few questions, answered to set up your account on joinPD com. 

Is joinPD com free and safe?

JoinPD com offers you both free and premium options. For free users of JoinPD com, you can use unlimited classroom tools from Google and Microsoft. And joinPD com allows you, 30 session participants. For premium options of joinPD com, we got two choices: One is an individual package, and the other is a school package. The individual package’s price is $149.99/yr. For the school package of JoinPD you have to ask for a quote first. After that, the sales team of JoinPD com would tell you the exact price for schools or organizations according to your requirement. There are unlimited features for premium accounts. And joinPD com usually updates the price so you can check prices on Pear Deck.

And to tell you about security-related questions for Pear Deck and joinPD com. Let’s first tell you something about Common Sense Privacy Program. They check and rate the privacy of different programs, websites, and other kinds of software. And according to the Common sense website, the Pear deck and joinPD com score is 84%. So, in terms of Safety, Privacy, Security, and Compliance, you could read everything on the website itself. 

Can joinPD com pear deck be student-paced?

First of all, you need to know about what is Instructor Paced Mode and Student Paced Mode. When you run the presentation in instructor-paced mode, students’ screens sync up for what you show on the projector. For Student Paced mode, students can move the screen and answer questions in the presentation accordingly. 

Yes, JoinPD com has an inbuild student-paced mode. There are multiple options to start student-paced mode. For example, if you have just started a new session, you can select student-paced activity while launching the presentation with lesson more. If you are currently in projector view mode, go to Navigation Bar > click the More Actions > Turn on Student-Paced. For more details on Student paced mode, click on the

Can pear deck detect cheating?

If you are a teacher and want to take an assessment, you can start with the joinPD hack. We are here going to tell you how does in work in joinPD com. This would work once you ended the presentation after asking students questions and giving them proper time to answer those questions. 

  • What you have to do is go to addons and then click on peardeck. 
  • After this, you can click on three horizontal lines. 
  • After that, you have to click on the review session. 
  • After this, you will be shown some different testing results. 
  • You can click on any of them. 
  • Click on the open dashboard button. 
  • This will take you to your Student’s responses. 

For students who are searching for can pear deck detect cheating. We have a joinPD hack. Pear Deck’s features don’t say that any free or premium member could detect the cheating. Now, it is on your professor himself whether he wants to detect plagiarism or not. 

Pear deck vs NearPod Comparison

Pear deckNearPod
Non-transparent features in the free plan. Transparent features before joining free plans.
Only 30 student joins per lesson40 student joins per lesson
Connect with google drive and one drive for storage.Less storage with paid plans but security.
Can connect students with joinPD com without loginStudents can connect with nearpod join with login
You can see pear deck with PowerPoint, google slide and Zoom alsoYou can’t connect NearPod with google slides in free versions.
Both apps has good features for teachers.
But for those teachers who are finding the best free package joinPD com is best.For those who are running a big organization and want to log in from their own webmail nearpod join is a good choice.

Final Wording from Author

This is the time to end joinPD com. We hope now you have all the required knowledge about the peardeck join code, and all your questions have been answered perfectly. You are just one step away from your presentation session.


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