Kabul Airport Blast Live Updates: Latest from Afghanistan News

Islamic State suicide bombers attacks a crowd of civilians who gathered outside Kabul airport Thursday expecting that the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan would leave, killing scores of them, including 13 U.S. soldiers.

The Taliban claimed that the two explosions killed 13 to 20 people. In the previous administration, a health official claimed the figure was at least 85.

President Joe Biden promised to “hunt” down the terrorists and to “punish” them for the horrific assaults at Kabul Airport that killed 13 American servicemen and injured 18 more.

“We will not forgive those who carried out this assault as well as anybody who wants America to suffer damage. We’re not going to forget. We’re going to hunt you out and get you to pay. With every means at my power, I will protect our interests and our people, “Biden told White House reporters on Thursday.

Official taliban news: At least 95 Afghans killed in Thursday’s bombings on Aug 27, 2021 

At least 95 Afghans were murdered near Kabul’s international airport in Thursday’s suicide bombardments. The official talked anonymously since they were not allowed to speak to the media. The official stated that the real death toll is much greater since others have been engaged in evacuation.

France Could Extend Kabul Evacuations Beyond Today, Says Minister on Aug 27, 2021: taliban news.were

A French minister stated after Paris had suggested before that that his airlift operation would finish in the evening, that France might prolong the evacuation of French nationals and afghans in danger from Kabul beyond Friday. if you want to know about Indian Historical Places


Albania gets 1st Afghan evacuees after deadly Kabul blasts. were

On Friday, Albania accommodated its first set of Afghan refugees who left their nation, despite days of turmoil outside the Kabul airport. An Egyptian Almasria Universal Airlines aircraft arrived at Tirana International Airport at 3.20 a.m. (01.20 GMT) with 121 passengers, including 11 children, was told in a government declaration. It was not clear if the first flight occurred after at least 60 Afghans and 13 American soldiers were murdered by the two suicide attacks in Kabul or whether the aircraft that lands in the capital city of Albania was coming from Afghanistan directly. (AP)

Joe Biden’s mindset to Afghanistan News

Physically, Joe Biden thought about his presidency’s devastating blow by killing 13 American soldiers during the frantic withdrawal of Kabul. Then, speaking to the White House audience, Biden bent his head for a minute of mourning and took questions from reporters who pushed him on a deadly twist in an already sad effort to end the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Afghans stuck in Bosnian camp aghast at Taliban takeover.

In Bosnia and other Balkan countries, thousands of migrants, including many Afghans, are stuck to seek a better future for rich European nations. They attempt to pass the heavily guarded Croatian border from Bosnia before proceeding. While many Afghan refugees fled their homes months or even years earlier, the Western outcry and the rapid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan news made them more vulnerable and worried about relatives left behind. (PTI)

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