Know the Truth behind monkey vs. dog gang war

Monkey vs dog meme: Well, as being nature lovers, many of you love animals. Moreover, some of us also keep pets like dogs, cats, parrots, and many others. However, on another side, you have already heard about some cruel humans who torture and beat animals brutally. But, have you ever heard that these cute appearing creatures can be hazardous for each other? 

Yes, it is difficult to believe that now animals have started killing each other. Moving further, this kind of case has been happened in Maharashtra’s Beed district, situated in India. A gang war has happened among dogs and monkeys. Keep reading further to know the real story behind the monkey vs. dog war. 

A group of monkeys had created the hustle and bustle in Beed, Maharashtra. Moreover, local people of that area were also getting in trouble by the mess monkey created. Are you wondering that why and how they made a mess for native people? Monkeys had killed about 3250 cute little puppies of that area. They took puppies to the height of the tree and threw those puppies from that much height, which would lead to the death of little innocent puppies. Moreover, some monkeys throe puppies from the skyscrapers or tall buildings. 

This is really shocking and heartbreaking news for many people. However, there is the reason behind this cruel activity of monkeys. From some sources, and according to local people, monkeys do this because one innocent baby monkey was killed by two dogs. Therefore, the monkey chooses this way to take tier revenge. 

What the researchers discovered was that, although a few monkeys have thrown pups from great heights, there is no evidence of a dog attacking a newborn monkey or the narrative about them fighting in a gang war. However, there is some truth to the myth that some monkeys climbed trees with pups but did not throw them; instead, they fell from the tree due to their inability to balance and died. According to reports, monkeys carried pups to the roofs of buildings as well but did not throw them. They died of hunger as a result of their inability to exit the building on their own.

When it comes to the village’s residents, they have become terrified of going on roofs because of the threat posed by the local monkeys. The villagers, on the other hand, have called authorities from the forest department in order to have the monkeys removed.

As of right now, a team from the Nagpur forest department has apprehended and caught two monkeys.


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