Kylie Jenner pregnant with the 2nd Baby of Travis Scott: Lets look into latest Pictures from Social media

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, the three-year-old parents, anticipate their second child together in 2021, Global Care revealed. While the unexpected baby announcement may be a shock to some, Kylie and Travis have all left us a hint, as eagle-eyed admirers throughout their hidden pregnancy have pointed out.

The exes first sparkled rumors, following a passionate photo shoot in October 2020, and shortly afterward had unique butterfly tattoos. A source informed Global Care in February 2021 that the rapper and the beauty mogul were willing to get together again and were “still passionately in love,” albeit not in a partnership.

When urged to have a sibling for Stormi during an interview in the March 2020 edition of Harper’s Bazaar, the makeup expert said, “My friends are pressured on me… They adore Stormi. They love Stormi. I certainly feel the urge to give her a sister, but there’s no plan for it.”

And when participating in the #DoYourPart Instagram Live Series of her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou, Kylie said: “I’d want to have seven children down the road, but not right now.

“Pregnancy isn’t simply a joke; it’s grave and hard,” she said. “I’m not yet ready for it.”

In April 2017, Kylie, who began dating Scott, spent her first childhood undercover, revealing the arrival of Stormi until after her birth.

Andy Cohen subsequently reasoned: “I revealed so much of my life. I was quite young when I was pregnant, too, and it was personally a lot for me. I didn’t know how I’d take it to the audience too and have everybody’s viewpoint. I believe that it was just something I had to go through by myself.”

Her Sister Kendall Jenner Agreed

“It’s a theory—I’ve never been pregnant, I’m sure studies will be available—but the calmer you have throughout your child’s pregnancy.

«I believe it’s the mirror of even her baby now, and the fact that Kylie was so peaceful throughout her pregnancy shows how wonderful and lovely she is. I believe that was truly the greatest choice.”

Big sister Kim Kardashian—who has four children with Kanye West, the foreign husband—said that Kylie was not gone to the home to protect herself and her baby.

“We were driving and pregnant at times, and photographers would nearly collapse in our vehicles because they wanted a photo,” recalled Kim, 40. “Kylie wanted, I guess, to safeguard her safety, to protect her kid, and that’s a private time.”

Even though she remained at home for months, Kylie claimed she was disturbed by photographers, and she said, “I stayed in my house and the neighborhood. Then every day near the end, there would be helicopters—I could not even walk outside because all my deliveries would be shot.”

This summer, the youngest of the clan of Kardashian-Jenner began speculations of pregnancy when she walked out in Idaho in a loose top.

Jenner also posted a photo of her sushi order, which seemed entirely rolls of avocados instead of raw fish.

Fans caught it up quickly and tweeted it: “Kylie eats sushi sans fish… she is pregnant.”

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