syw accountonline
syw accountonline

Syw is commonly known as a shop your way credit card. offers millions of products, personalized services, and advice through a free social shopping destination. An individual can shop, compare, purchase the item, and earn points to use further through the network of retail co-workers and service providers. You can enjoy many benefits if you are a member, including special pricing, exclusive sales, events, access to celebrity brands, and sweepstakes. With syw accountonline, you can research and browse products, create wish lists, poll friends and family through’s unique social community, and even receive advice from experts to help you choose the products and services that suit you best.

Moreover, members can redeem points and use their points in further shopping. They can use them to make payments to purchase several categories of products. 

shop your way credit card

If you regularly purchase from Sears and Kmart, these shop your way credit cards are meant for you. With the help of Citibank, Sears and Kmart have developed this card to reward its customers for making frequent purchases at this store.  In addition to the assets at the store, you can also earn rewards on your essential expenses like gas and other routine costs.

 If you have a shop your way credit card, then you must claim the reward. For claiming the reward, you need to activate your account. If you do not know how to activate a shop your way credit card, read the further instructions in the next section carefully. Contact Information

Read the below instructions carefully to know the correct way of activation- 

  • 1-877-816-9063 24/7 ADDITIONAL PHONE NUMBERS
  • MasterCard Technical Assistance 1-877-254-8073
  • TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired 1-877-816-8691
  • Outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Call Collect 502-522-1600
  • Shop Your Way General Inquiries P.O. Box 6282 Sioux Falls, SD 57117
  • PAYMENT ADDRESSES Shop Your Way Credit Card Payments P.O. Box 78024 Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024

syw accountonline: Shop Your Way card benefits

  • The first and foremost benefit of a shop your way credit card ( syw ) accountonline is that it does not require an annual fee. 
  • These shop you way credit cards are pocket-friendly to use. 
  • If eligible purchases at a gas station, you will get 5% off shop your waypoints. Therefore, if you purchase a lot from the gas station, your way card will be banged on this shop. 
  • On restaurants and groceries, you will get 3% off shop your waypoints. So if you are a food lover, shop your way card will help you a lot. 
  • Shop at Sears and Kmart and get 2% off.
  • Additionally, you will receive 1% Shop Your Way points on all other eligible purchases.
  • Within 30 days of card activation, you can earn a statement credit of 40$ if you spend 50$ or more on eligible purchases. activation procedure 

To enjoy the benefits of a shop your way credit card, you need to activate your shop your way credit card. If you already know the activation procedure, you can skip this section. Otherwise, we recommend you to read this section. Then, read the mentioned steps carefully. 

  • Visit the official website is
  • Next, you have to provide your detail including, your card number,  your name, security code,  last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • To move further, click on the “verify” button. 
  • Once you are done with this, your shop your way account will get activated soon, and you will get a notification for this. 

syw login: activate syw account through phone

If you think, activation procedure difficult, you can also activate your syw account from your phone.  We have discussed the syw activation procedure vis phone in the below points. 

  • Make a Call on 1-877-816-9063
  • After calling, a representative will tell you how to activate your syw account. 
  • Provide the details from your end by following the instructions.
  • You will need to wait between 2-3 hours after providing the information. Be patient, and you will soon receive an email notification.

Are you in need of a credit card?

  • Get My Offer Capital One Credit Cards
  • MyOlloCard: At the bottom of the offer letter you received, you can find the Reservation Number and Access Code together. 
  • Double Your Line Pre-approved: Follow the instructions on-screen when applying for this popular credit card at now.
  • Visit if you need a line of credit or a loan.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: Cashback rewards are designed for people who like to make purchases

Shop your way credit card: Overnight Payment?

To make an overnight payment, write to “Shop Your Way Credit Card Overnight Delivery/Express Payments Attn: Consumer Payment Dept. 6716 Grade Lane Building 9, Suite 910 Louisville, KY 40213.” 

Visit shop your way’s website for more information

You will earn 5% back from gas stations and 3% back from restaurants and grocery stores on purchases up to $10,000 in a calendar year. After that, you will only earn 1% back. 

sam’s club credit card login

If you are the one who wants to know that, how can you register or log in sam’s club’s credit card login? Then must read the following information to log in to sam’s club credit card login. 

  • For knowing details, applications, or account management, visit the official website. 
  • You will find the “manage your credit account” link near the top of the page. Select it to log in.
  • Choose the login button that corresponds to your card type (Business/Consumer).
  • Users who are currently logged in can use the Find User ID (the usual email from Membership) and reset their password. 

Things to remember 

  •  Check to see if your card is available.
  •  You may be asked for specific personal information to verify your account.


This post is all about shop your way credit card. The requirements for this kind of card are relatively low, so you can quickly obtain one. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. Shop Your Way Cardholders are charged differently for late payment, cash transfer fees, etc., the details are available on the website. If you wish to make a transaction, please read the facts first.

Either through the mail or online, you can pay your bills. The purpose of this article was to give you a clear picture of what your card activation means and what benefits these cards offer.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1. How can I activate my Sears card online?

To activate your Sears Card online, you’ll need to enter the account holder’s name, birthdate, credit card number, and 3-digit security code. The process will take just a few seconds.

Q2. What should I do to activate my government travel card?

You can now activate your new travel card. First, make sure your CitiBank card is activated if you have a government travel charge card. Then, start your card at or call 877-905-1861. CitiBank is the official provider of the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) as of May 6, 2021. 

Q3. Is there a way to activate my online Sears card?

To activate your Sears Card online, you’ll need to enter the account holder’s name, birthdate, credit card number, and 3-digit security code. After that, your card will be activated instantly.

Q4. How can I activate my government travel card?

Make sure your new travel card is active. Make sure your CitiBank card is activated if you have a government travel charge card. Visit or call 877-905-1861. CitiBank will be the official Government Travel Charge Cards (GTCC) provider starting May 6, 2021.

Q5. Where can I activate my Sears card online?

To activate your Sears Card online, you’ll need to enter the account holder’s name, birthdate, credit card number, and 3-digit security code. The process will take just a few seconds.



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