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Welcome to GlobleCare. We will be disclosing the LetsEduvate Parent Portal Login Procedure. Education has become a business for many, but specific organizations still respect students the most. One such organization. Yes, this is an organization that aims to empower not just kids but also educators and parents.

If anything to go by their official site, Letseduvate appears to be on a mission to simplify education, create curriculum, administer exams, and expedite parent communication. Instead of utilizing decades-old techniques and strategies,uses technology-based solutions to make the teaching process simpler and more successful.

The approach Letseduvate employs to Letseduvate students and instructors is engaging. To help students comprehend a complex topic, Letseduvate utilizes various teaching methods such as Saudi visual aids and more.

What is LetsEduvate Parent Portal?

Letseduvate is a multilevel strategy and consulting company that promotes non-formal education systems, informal learning settings, and technology-based learning, teaching, and evaluation solutions.

Letseduvate is one of a kind mission to empower instructors, students, and parents. It seeks to streamline the operations of schools, train teachers, develop curriculum and handle any exams, connect with parents, and generate value for all stakeholders in the school ecosystem by offering bespoke solutions.

Letseduvate is described on its official website as follows by the site’s creator:

“LetsEduvate is not a business but a purpose to empower educators, students, and parents. We generate value for all stakeholders in the school ecosystem by offering bespoke solutions for enabling schools to simplify operations, train teachers, develop curriculum, conveniently manage exams and expedite parent communication.”

 Letseduvate App Features

  • Profile: This is where you may see information on students.
  • Time Table: This is where you may see a student’s class schedule.
  • Daily Diary: The student’s daily classwork and assignments may be found here. In addition, any additional messages from the school will be shown here.
  • Attendance: month-by-month attendance may be seen here.
  • Weekly Test: The results of weekly tests to be taken or finished may be seen here.
  • Online Examinations: Students may prepare for their exams by taking practice tests online.
  • Circular: Students may see their school’s messages through circulars here.
  • Complaint: A student may file a complaint about any problem.

Use the student’s ERP code to log in. Contact the front desk if you have any problems.

LetsEduvate App Download

With the rise in the number of internet users in the nation, the behaviors are also changing. Now we can observe that majority of the people prefer utilizing their cellphone instead of laptops or mobile. For user convenience, Letseduvate has created a mobile app. You can download the app on your phone merely by following the below-provided steps.

How to download the LetsEduvate parent portal For Android

  • To begin, on your phone. access the Google Play Store
  • Now, search for LetsEduvate Parent Portal.
  • Now, from the list, pick the Letseduvate application.
  • Select the Install button.
  • After a few seconds, the download will begin, followed by the installation.
  • After a successful installation, you may continue using the application.
  • Additionally, a direct link to the is provided below for your convenience.

Link – Google Play store app link for LetsEduvate

How to download the Letseduvate parent portal For iOS

  • Navigate to the Apple App Store and look for “Eduvateparentportal.”
  • Select the K12 Techno Services Private Ltd. App.
  • Finally, click the “GET” then “INSTALL” button.

Link – Apple App store app link for LetsEduvate

Download LetsEduvate Parent App on Laptop / Computer

As of now, there is no official software released for PC by Letseduvate, but we have a technique for you. However, you can make use of all the capabilities of eduvate portal by visiting their website: https://erp.letseduvate.com. You may make use of bluestacks to access Letseduvate software on the laptop. Through bluestacks anybody may utilize android applications on their Windows Computer. Follow our following method to access Letseduvate app on your windows laptop.

  • First, install Bluestacks on your laptop. Ignore if it’s already on your device.
  • Once the setup has been downloaded, install it on your Windows computer.
  • It will be installed on your device in a few seconds.
  • Now launch BlueStacks; it may take a few minutes to launch fully.
  • You will notice the Play Store in there; click on it.
  • Look for eduvate parent portal on the Google Play store.
  • Install it and begin using it once it has been successfully installed.

How to Upload Homework in LetsEduvate Parent Portal 

To submit homework to the LetsEduvate Parent Portal app, follow the steps below.

1. First and foremost, log into the application.

2. Select your class and then click the Upload button.

3. Finally, choose your homework and upload it.

Letseduvate: Forgot Password

Many applications and websites are being launched these days. The number of passwords is growing in tandem with technological progress. It’s natural to forget or get confused when remembering the password. Don’t be concerned if you have forgotten your Letseduvate portal password. Follow the instructions below to create a new password at any time.

  1. To begin, go to the Eduuvate Portal Account at https://erp.letseduvate.com.
  2. You will now see a sign-in box on your screen.
  3. Look for the lost password link there, or go to https://erp.letseduvate.com/forgot password.
  4. You currently have two choices for obtaining your password.
  5. One is to input your mobile number, and the other is to enter your email address. Do not enter your email address or cellphone number.
  6. Following that, you will get an OTP on your phone or email.
  7. Enter it.
  8. You may now create a new password.
  9. Please keep in mind that you should not input your old password while establishing a new one.

Letseduvate Registration Steps

You may register on the site by following a few simple steps. The days of filling out a plethora of papers to complete the registration procedure are long gone. If you want to register on Letseduvate, please follow the procedures outlined below. To take benefit of , you must first register on the website.

  • First, go to the website at https://erp.letseduvate.com.
  • Now, choose the Register as a Guest Student Link option.
  • It is located right below the Sign inbox.
  • The visitor registration page will now display on the screen.
  • You will notice a form there that you must fill up with all of your information, such as your username, email, mobile number, email address, and so on.
  • Then, press the next button.
  • Now finish the verification process, and your registration will be complete.
  • After successfully registering, you may access and utilize Letseduvate.

Final Wording from Author

Well, this was the end of Parent Portal Login. We hope you have got all your answers related to LetsEduvate. If you have any query, you can ask us on our Instagram Page also.



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