10 best way to make coffee at home

Drip coffee

Drip coffee is when hot water slowly drips onto coffee grounds and trickles into a coffee pot below. This is how most conventional at-home coffee makers work.

Pour over coffee

With drip coffees, a machine controls the hot water, but with the pour over technique, you control the distribution of hot water over the coffee grounds.

Cold brew coffee

All you’ll need are coarsely ground coffee beans, a container, water, your refrigerator and time. To make cold brew coffee, just add your coffee grounds into a container.

Kyoto slow drip coffee

The Kyoto slow drip looks like a complex Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, but it makes a coffee that’s a cross between a cold brew and a slow drip coffee.

Vietnamese coffee

To make Vietnamese coffee, you pour hot water over coarse ground dark roast coffee which is then filtered through a small metal sieve. 

French press coffee

It is as much of a coffee-brewing method you’ll want to put out on display. Coffee grounds are put directly into the glass container and hot water is poured over top.

AeroPress coffee

A paper filter which helps filter out all of the coffee grounds and sediment, leaving behind a clean cup of coffee. This is another handy contraption to brew coffee on the go.

Moka pot coffee

Moka pots are another portable coffee brewing system that even allow you to brew a cup of coffee right over a campfire.

Vacuum coffee

It is another confounding contraption that will make your coffee nook look like a laboratory. There’s a lot of theatrics when it comes to brewing coffee with a vacuum coffee maker.


It can be enjoyed any time of the day. Pressurized water is poured quickly over finely ground coffee beans resulting in a highly concentrated shot of coffee. 

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