10 Health Benefits of Prune Juice

It helps you poop

Prunes are high in fibre. When prunes are juiced, they lose a lot of their fibre, but they keep some. That fibre keeps food moving through your intestines.

It reduces haemorrhoids risk

Constipation can help prevent haemorrhoids. An anus or rectum hemorrhoid is a swollen vein. This can occur when attempting to go #2. Blood can leak from haemorrhoids.

It may help lower blood pressure

Prune juice is abundant in potassium, which the body need for many functions. It helps maintain appropriate cell fluid levels, salt balance, and blood pressure.

It may help lower cholesterol

Prune juice may also help lower cholesterol. It may cause atherosclerosis (narrowing arteries caused by plaque build-up). Blood flow is restricted by atherosclerosis.

It’s got plenty of iron

Iron is abundant in prune juice, which is good for the blood. Prune juice includes 3 mg iron per half-cup. This is roughly 17% of the daily value for adults.

probably good for your bones

Prunes include boron, which your body requires to create and repair your bones. This mineral is used to cure bone diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Supports a healthy weight

Prunes — especially prune juice — are popular weight-loss treats. Prune juice's fibre content can help you feel full. This may help you eat less while still feeling full.

also good for your colon

Colon cancer can be an aggressive and difficult to detect cancer. But the antioxidants in prune juice *might* help lessen your risk of developing this disease.

Vitamin-rich prune juice

Prune juice contains several key vitamins for your body. It also contains minerals like phosphorous, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

It may benefit your liver

Traditionally, prune juice was given to people with liver disease, including hepatitis and jaundice. There’s some evidence that this use could be helpful.

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