10 Health Benefits of Spinach

Spinach Is A Wonderful Source Of Iron, Which Helps Prevent Anaemia. Half A Cup Of Spinach Has 3.2mg Of Iron, Which Is Around 20% Of A Woman's Daily Need.

Helps in Anemia

People Who Eat A Lot Of Specific Minerals, Such Beta-Carotene (An Antioxidant), Have A Decreased Chance Of Having Asthma. Spinach Is A Great Source Of This Vitamin.

Prevent Asthma

A Diet Deficient In Potassium May Be Equally Harmful To High Blood Pressure. Spinach Is Abundant In Potassium, Which Helps Counteract Sodium's Effects On The Body.

Helps lower blood pressure

Spinach is high in vitamin K, which has been linked to bone health. Spinach is high in calcium and magnesium, two important elements for bone health.

Promotes bone health

Leafy greens like spinach are full with phytonutrients that combat inflammation and cancer. Spaghetti may reduce skin cancer incidence and slow stomach cancer cell growth.

Has anti-cancer properties

Spinach is a great source of antioxidant minerals such vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, manganese, zinc, and selenium.


Spinach is high in fiber and water content, both of which help prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract.

Promotes regularity

In order to keep hair healthy, vitamin A is found in spinach. It contains vitamin C, which is important for collagen formation and skin structure.

Spinach Benefits for skin and hair

Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which act as a strong antioxidant, which help prevent the eyes from the harsh effects of UV rays which can lead to cataracts.

Reduces risk of cataracts

As a result of this protective effect, spinach may help prevent gastric ulcers. Spinach also strengthens the digestive system lining, reducing unwanted discomfort.

Reduces the risk of ulcers

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