10 health benefits of Yoga

Improves posture

Long hours at a desk may cause back pain and fatigue. Certain yoga asanas may help you improve your posture and avoid neck and back problems.

Builds muscle strength

Yoga could help in strengthening weak muscles of the body. It helps in toning which prevents frequent straining of the muscles.


You want to bend forward and simply touch your toes, right? Yoga may assist you with it. Yoga may help you gain flexibility and execute complicated asanas.

Boosts metabolism

Yoga helps in retaining the vitality in your body along with keeping it fit. It motivates you towards healthy eating and improves the metabolic system of the body.

Helps in lowering blood sugar

Yoga not only helps in lowering blood sugar but also lowers bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol. It encourages weight loss and the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

 Increases blood flow

Yoga's relaxation techniques control blood flow to all regions of the body. Handstands assist venous blood flow back to the heart, where it may be oxygenated  pushed to the lungs.

Keep diseases at bay

Yoga is good for the immune system. It not only kills viruses that we encounter during seasonal changes, but also strengthens our immunity to illnesses.

Increases self-esteem

Practicing yoga would help you explore a different side of yourself. It would make you feel good about yourself and helps you take a positive approach in life.

Improves lung function

A lot of breathing exercises are said to improve lung function. Doing such exercises in a long run could cure respiratory problems. It also increases the capacity of your lungs.

Helps you sleep better

Yoga helps in reducing stress and creates a routine which in turn makes a regular sleeping pattern. A relaxed body gets a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

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