10 wild international chip flavors that should come to the U.S.

Mushroom - Czech Republic

Leave it to the Czechs to make a mushroom potato chip. More specifically leave it to Bohemia a Czech snack food company that also offers flavors such as prosciutto and paprika

Blueberry Kiwi - China

Make Kiwi and Blueberries Lays? Our parents urged us to eat more fruit and less junk stuff. Growing up in China would have permanently altered our childhoods.

Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese Canada

We've avoided Buffalo wing chips, but blue cheese wings? We've heard. President's Choice is a Canadian brand, thus you'll need to cross the border (northern).

German Bratwurst Sausage  England

It was 30 years ago when Lay's purchased Walkers. It tastes more “normal” than bratwurst. Bratwurst-flavored chips (or “crisps”) are unique.

Currywurst Style - Germany

Who can crisp a German bratwurst? Take a bite of Funny-Chipsfrisch Currywurst Potato Chips We're not sure what to believe since currywurst comes with fries.

Vegemite - Australia

Love or hate vegemite? You must try Smith's chips, a British-Australian firm. This dark brown spread's flavour may transfer well to chips.

Baked Bacon Cheese with Seaweed - Thailand

Bacon? Cheese? Good. Seaweed? Good. kelp ham Decide. But Lay's Thailand may work (more on that later). So we saw monochrome. Cyan. Neither is the food.

Chutney - South Africa

We're perplexed by Mrs. H.S. Ball's Chutney-flavored Potato Chips. We mistaken the box for a lion. Worry not, it's only Simba's mascot.

Roast Ox - England

Real's Potato Chips are hand-cooked and packaged in unique, greaseproof bags. Some even include jokes! With Roast Ox And The Other Seven Options, We Wish America Could Get Real.

Hot & Sour Fish Soup - China

An whole bag of Lay's Hot & Sour Fish Soup Potato Chips may seem daunting, but there may be an easier way to enjoy this snack Maybe Crumbled Over A Hot And Sour Fish Soup Again China.