10 Types Of Mushrooms And Their Uses

1. White Button Mushroom

Frequently Used It Can Be Eaten Raw Or Cooked, And Goes Well With Soups, Salads, And Pizzas. It Has A Milder Flavour Than Many Of Its More Exotic Relatives.

2. Crimino Mushroom

Despite The Fact That The Crimino Mushroom Is Darker, Firmer, And More Delicious Than Its White Button Cousin, The Two Can Be Used Interchangeably.

3. Portabello Mushroom

This Species Of Mushroom Is As Big As Your Palm And Has A Meaty Texture That Stands Up To Grilling And Stuffing.

4. Shiitake Mushroom

Their Umbrella-Shaped Brown Heads, Which  Are The Most Distinguishing Feature. Shiitake Mushrooms Have A Subtle Woodsy Flavour And Scent When Fresh.

5. Maitake Mushroom

This Fungus Is Native To The Northwest United States, Has An Earthy Scent And A Gamy Flavour. In August And September, They Bloom Profusely In The Mississippi River.

6. Oyster Mushroom

They Have A Delicate Odour And Flavour And Are Pale In Colour And Fan-Shaped. Many Japanese And Chinese Dishes Contain Oyster Mushrooms.

7. Enoki Mushroom

These Edible Mushrooms Have Small, Shining White Caps That Are Linked To Thin Stems And Have A Characteristic Crunch. 

8. Beech Mushroom

These Crunchy Brown-Capped Clusters Have A Delicious Nuttiness When Cooked. However, They Are Harsh When Eaten Raw.

9. King Trumpet Mushroom

 King Brown Mushroom, And French Horn Mushroom Are All Names For The Same Mushroom. On This Giant Mushroom, It's All About The Thick, Meaty Stem.

10. Chanterelle Mushroom

Golden In Colour, Fleshy And Firm, With An Apricot-Like Aroma. They Are Native To The United States And Can Be Found In Various European Cuisines.


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