11 Delicious Seaweed Recipes

Shrimp Burger With Wakame Slaw

This next-level burger inspired by shrimp toast packs a lot of flavor. The bright green seaweed slaw gives it a crunchy umami boost.


This refreshing cucumber salad uses dried wakame that’s rehydrated in water. The tender, slightly salty seaweed strikes a delicious balance with crisp cucumbers. 

Nori Salad Dressing

This dressing, made with dried sheets of seaweed (nori), is a sneaky way to get in more nutrients at meal time. 

Veggie Jim

You won’t mind that there’s no meat in these veggie jims. In fact, you probably won’t miss those meaty jerkies ever again. 

Korean Rolled Omelette With Seaweed

This is no Jacques Pepin omelette, but who cares. It’s delicious for breakfast on its own, lunch in a bento box or dinner over rice. 

Hijiki Seaweed Salad

This traditional Japanese salad is a mouthwatering combination of salty and sweet from being cooked in soy sauce and sugar.

Terimayo Japanese Hot Dog

This hot dog is based on a dog served at a restaurant and food cart in Vancouver. If you can’t make it over there to try this hot dog, it’s easy to make at home. 

Zesty Seaweed Chips

We know what you’re thinking: Finally, you can make seaweed chips at home! They take almost no time to make. 

Toasted Nori Mayonnaise

This seaweed-spiked mayonnaise is as addicting as dip. It’s salty, smokey and all-around delicious.

Green Soup With Nori Granola

This sweet and savory nori granola is genius. Elevate your soups and salads by adding this granola.

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