Best Vegetable for Heart Disease

You can't go wrong with eating any type of fruit or vegetable when it comes to your heart health, but according to a meta-analysis published in JRSM Cardiovascular Disease, 

one of the best vegetables for your heart are leafy greens like kale or spinach.The goal of this analysis was to take relevant studies from across the globe to determine whether or not leafy green

and cruciferous veggies could help in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases.According to the analysis,many people all over the world are harming their health by not getting enough green vegetables

on a regular basis.These veggies come packed with fiber, antioxidants, and potassium. Spinach is specifically high in vitamin A, K, C, iron, and folate,and kale is high in vitamin B, C, and calcium.

Research has concluded time and time again that leafy greens are beneficial to many areas of your health, and this recent analysis confirmed that its benefits are good for your heart, too.

To learn more about its heart health benefits,the researchers looked at 13 separate studies that investigated the relationship between leafy greens and various cardiovascular events such as incidents

cerebrovascular heart disease, and coronary heart disease.hat they found was that consuming more leafy greens on a regular basis can reduce your risk of these cardiovascular events by almost 16%.

This research also concluded that while leafy green vegetables are good for your heart, you can get the most from their nutritional value when you steam them. So what does this research mean for you

and your heart health? These findings can serve as motivation for all of us to incorporate more leafy greens into our regular diets, regardless of our current heart health.

And if you're someone who may be at a higher risk of heart disease or may be concerned about the health of your heart, talk with your doctor about the next right steps for you and your eating habits!

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