Despite dating rumours, Brad Pitt and Lykke Li are just friends!

Brad Pitt is "dating but not seriously" Lykke Li, a Swedish singer and model, according to a source at PEOPLE.

An insider close to Pitt says Li is just one of "a large group of artsy friends he enjoys 

hanging out with."  "They include Lykke Li and Alia Shawkat," the insider says. "He has female friends." 

PEOPLE contacted Pitt and Li's reps for comment. Pitt is "dating but not seriously," says the source.

"He still talks to Nicole [Poturalski]," the insider says of Pitt's 2020 fling.

Pitt, who keeps his personal life private, was seen with Poturalski, 29, at Le Castellet 

Airport in France in August 2020. But a source told PEOPLE that October that any connection between the two 

had cooled."It was a one-night stand," the source said.Shawkat was seen with Pitt in 2019, but a source 

told PEOPLE their connection was platonic. Shawkat told that Pitt was "unaware" of the romance rumours.