Brian Flores sues NFL for alleged coaching bias

The NFL allegedly discriminated against him and other Black coaches 

in hiring practises, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Brian Flores, fired as coach of the Miami Dolphins last month and rejected by other teams, has sued the NFL and its 32 

teams, claiming hiring practises discriminated against him and other Black coaches. His filing in federal 

court comes just days after the Giants hired white coach Brian Daboll. Flores cited text messages from his former 

boss, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. In the messages, Belichick appears to congratulate Flores on his 

recent hiring by the Giants. Flores asked if Belichick meant the message for Daboll, who interviewed before Flores' 

scheduled meeting. “I think they mean Daboll,” the respondent said. Sorry. BB” Mr. Daboll was hired after a 

thorough interview process, and Mr. Flores was considered for the job until the eleventh hour.