Cheap Drinks to Enjoy at the Bar and Home

Rum and Coke

Typically, one of the cheapest drinks you can order is a rum and coke made with well rum and whatever cola the bar has available. Add a squeeze of lime juice to make a Cuba Libre.

Vodka Soda

You don't need to use premium vodka. Vodka is relatively flavorless, and it's possible to find a well distilled and inexpensive vodka that won't burn on the way down.

Gin and Tonic

In a bar, just ask for the well gin, and at home select an inexpensive but reasonably good gin. a squeeze of lime juice to the gin and tonic water combination for a cheap but tasty drink.

Ginger Ale Moscow Mule

If you're using a cheap vodka, then the most expensive ingredient in a Moscow mule is typically the ginger beer. You can skip this problem by requesting or using ginger ale.

Rum and Ginger Ale

the rum and ginger ale combination reduces costs by using an inexpensive or well rum in place of a more expensive dark rum and  costly ginger beer with inexpensive ginger ale.

Ranch Water

Ranch water calls for a specific mineral water brand, but you can also use club soda to save some money.

Whiskey Highball

One of the simplest, and cheapest drinks, it's up to you whether you want to use ginger ale or club soda.


Take any lager or light beer and give it new life with just a little bit of lemonade. You can even use lemon juice instead of lemonade by adding two ounces.

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