9 Impressive Benefits of Cold-Brew Coffee

A metabolism converts food into energy. Higher metabolic rate means less resting calories. Iced coffee can increase metabolic rate by up to 11%.

May boost your metabolism

A cup of cold brew coffee may lift your mood and improve your memory. Caffeine improved their ability to react to an object moving towards them.

 May lift your mood

Cold brew coffee contains caffeine,  trigonelline, quinides, and lignans. These help insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, and blood pressure.

May reduce heart disease risk

Diabetes type 2 has high blood sugar. Untreated, this disease can be prevented by drinking cold brew coffee. Coffee may help prevent T2.

Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Cold brew coffee contains phenylindanes and nonharman and harman compounds. These can help prevent age-related brain diseases.

May reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease

Smaller than hot coffee but with protective compounds for your stomach. So it may reduce digestive and acid reflux symptoms.

May be easier on your stomach

Iced coffee may help reduce overall and disease mortality. Antioxidants protect against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

May help you live longer

Both cold brew and hot coffee have caffeine. Without diluting it, cold brew coffee concentrate provides roughly twice the caffeine.

Caffeine content similar to hot coffee

Making cold brew coffee takes longer than making hot coffee. Strain the coarsely ground coffee bean and cold water mixture and rehydrate it 1:1.

Very easy to make

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