Dishes To Make With Canned Foods

Eggs Diablo

And While This Dish Looks Like It Took Plenty Of Time To Perfect, It's Actually Not Too Complicated To Replicate At Home. You Don't Even Have To Turn The Oven On, Either.

Pasta Fagioli Soup

If You've Been Putting Off Making A Copycat Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli Soup, Now Is The Moment. It's The Perfect Way To Use Up Some Kidney And White Bean Cans.

Bean, Salmon, And Kale Salad

With Garbanzo Beans, Salmon, And Grapefruit, Along With A Kale Base, This Pink And Green Salad Is A Nutritional Powerhouse.

Crock-Pot Italian Meatballs

Buy Some Quality Frozen Italian Meatballs! While The Price Of Those Meatballs Is Certainly More Than Buying Some Ground Beef & Making Them Yourself.

Black Bean Breakfast Burritos

Morning Beans Are The Best Beans! Add A Can Of Beans To Your Scrambled Eggs And Sauteed Veggies For An Even Better Breakfast Burrito.


By Decreasing The Rice Ratio And Increasing The Produce And Protein, This Jambalaya Recipe Cuts The Calories And Carbs Dramatically.

Margarita Chicken

Our Version Of Margarita Chicken, A Meal That You Can Have On The Table In 20 Minutes, Contains All The Same Bells And Whistles.

Pinto Bean Chili

Use That Can Of Pinto Beans And Make Yourself A Huge Pot Of This Chili, Which You Can Prep And Eat All Week Long.

Turkey Chili

Though We've Never Been Shy About Professing Our Undying Affection For Chili, It's Not Without Its Dangers, Namely Soaring Sodium Counts And Reliance On Fatty Ground Beef.

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