10 Best Dragon Fruit Recipes

This dragon fruit smoothie is fun and colourful. It has bananas, pineapple chunks, mango, and lime juice – all the ingredients for a tropical smoothie.

Perfect Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Coconut milk adds a tropical touch to this dragon fruit smoothie. A fourth cup of protein powder makes this a better choice for those who need it.

 Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie

However, the ingredients are slightly different in this smoothie. Also, add strawberries and 2 tablespoons chia seeds to the dragon fruit, banana, and almond milk.

Dragon Fruit Banana Smoothie

If you enjoy berries, you'll enjoy this smoothie. Strawberry flavoured Greek yoghurt! And that's with dragon fruit, chia seeds, lime juice, and almond milk.

 Berry Dragon Fruit Smoothie

This 5-minute dragon fruit smoothie is yellow with black spots. You only need three ingredients to make it: dragon fruit, mango, and your preferred sweetener.

 Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie 

A smoothie bowl instead of a dragon fruit smoothie? Use the above recipes or this one with dragon fruit, almond milk, banana, pineapple, and mango chunks.

 Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

The dragon fruit Waldorf salad is a delicious, sweet and tangy salad. It has everything from Greek yoghurt and mayo to dragon fruit, apples, and grapes.

 Dragon Fruit Waldorf Salad

That complex, yet refreshing flavour of tangy tartness. With a hint of jalapeno. Drink it with tequila or vodka, but I prefer vodka with dragon fruit and cucumber.

Dragon Fruit Cucumber Limeade

Yup, I'm a dragon fruit fan Vegan breakfast for kids and adults. It's loaded with nutrients and delicious flavours like dragon fruit and banana.

 Dragon Fruit Yogurt Parfait

Beautiful in both taste and appearance, the Bavarian cream dragon fruit cake is sure to please. topped with raspberries and mint. It's beautiful and tasty.

Bavarian Cream Dragon Fruit Cake

Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit