8 Incredible Effects of Giving Up Sugar for a Month

A 2006 study links sugar to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is linked to nearly 125 million Americans' illnesses.

Less body inflammation

Allison Tallman, MS, RDN, CNSC, registered dietitian at Sporting Smiles, explains how avoiding sugar may help prevent certain cancers.

Reduced risk of cancer

"While sugar is an energy source, the source's quality is critical," Tallman says. She says refined sugar makes you feel sluggish.

Increased energy

In fact, cutting out sugar for a month may be beneficial to digestive health if you suffer from bloating or an unpredictable digestive system.

Better gut health

Sugar has been linked to cavities since childhood, and for good reason. One to two sugary drinks per day increases dental disease risk by 30%.

Better dental health

A sugar-free month benefits both our bodies and minds. For example, consuming more sugar raises the risk of depression.


Unrelated to obesity, increased sugar in the food supply was linked to higher type 2 diabetes rates, researchers found.

Lowered risk of diabetes

A recent study in France observed over 24,000 adults to see if dietary habits had any effect on whether or not an individual developed acne. 

Better skin

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