Elon Musk Chooses Between Liberals and Conservatives

Elon Musk is definitely not a CEO like the others.He seems to flout traditions.He shakes up the norms and seems to want to completely shake up the system and get rid of the status quo.

The billionaire wants above all to create his own rules, rules that he will no doubt shape according to what suits him.There is a tradition that the leaders of large corporations remain neutral

on political matters because the consumers of their products are as much Republicans or conservatives as they are Democrats or progressives.This old, widely shared tradition is often verified

by the fact that companies often encourage their employees to donate to the two major political parties unless the interests of the sector are really endangered by one of the two camps.

But generally, the watchword is not to insult the future as things move quickly in politics.And when the bosses do engage politically it is often on a particular issue or a particular subject

that is close to the heart of some of their employees. We saw it with Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, who spoke against the adoption of anti-LGBTQ+ laws in certain states.

Musk has just proved it once again by clearly indicating what his political position is. In a post on Twitter, he describes his political journey since 2008,when Barack Obama won

the presidential election against John McCain.

But in 2012, there seems to be a divide. Musk explains,  that the liberal he felt close to in 2008 began to radicalize and be more left-wing than ever. 

Musk is Now Close to Conservatives

Consequently, Musk, who stayed in the same place in the drawing, was relatively closer to the conservative. He still stayed away from the conservatives but less than four years earlier.Basically,

he seems to mean that it was not he who changed but the Democrats who were pushed to their left by the progressives of the party. We can, however, conclude that that year the richest man in the world

had voted for the Democrats. It is also the year of the re-election of Barack Obama.From 2012 to 2021, it's a real political change. The tech tycoon seems to say that the Democrats have radicalized

to become what he calls the "woke progressive". It also seems to say that this extremism of the liberals has also pulled the political center farther left, leaving him in the right wing camp.

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