Houston couple found in 1981 finally identified

Harold Dean Clouse and Tina Linn Clouse married in June 1979 after a whirlwind courtship and a pregnancy.

The couple had gone missing by 1981, and their relatives didn't get any closure until their corpses were excavated and identified 40 years later.

It wasn't until a genetic genealogy firm examined their DNA and matched it to the remains of a couple killed in 1981 that the truth about their disappearance was discovered.

Tina and Dean have been located, but their kid, Hollie Marie, who would have been 41 today, remains missing.

Harold's mother, Donna Casasanta, said, "I will never forget my son and his Tina; I suffered years in sorrow wondering where they were."

She said her son had previously joined a religious cult, and the authorities promptly "excused the disappearance with the group departing."

Casasanta told USA TODAY, "I spent years waiting for a call from my son or phoning police stations each time a new male body was located."

A dog walked into the woods in January 1981 and returned with a human arm in its jaws.