Sites can be informational or e-commerce. Any website, simple or complex, must state your company's mission. Followbright's Erin Pheil advises not digging.

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Decide your domain name

What is a domain? Send it to clients and post it online. Be specific. Avoid acronyms and numbers.Pick your TLD. .com,.net, This TLD is hot. NYC, marketing, or law The rule is. More on non-standard TLDs.

Choose a web host. 

A server stores a website's public data. A small business cannot afford a website. Pick one. On the same server. Prohibited bandwidth competition. Squarespace and Wix offer hosting.

Build your pages.

None are good. A product catalogue or a company blog are good ideas. A call to action for the site's main goal should be on every page.

But not all businesses must accept electronic payments. It's easy with e-commerce software and services. Internal shopping carts are common. Find a simple and adaptable solution.

Set up your payment system 

Browsers tested. Examine images, links, and formatting. Stop future visitors' rage. Try it on phones. Other search engines will follow Google's lead. Now we need analytics. Do it before launch. Go with GA. 

Using social media can help you reach more people

Market your website on social media.

Invest in search engine optimization

Making your site search engine friendly is vital. SEO benefits from using company-specific title tags, meta descriptions, and URIs.

Maintain your site.

New product and service announcements Miscellaneous updates Using insecure hosts can jeopardise A webmaster saves time. Build credibility and customer base online! Quick technical fixes never go "inactive".