RAUNCHY LILY Lily James defends ‘essential’ INTIMATE  scenes in Disney+ drama Pam & Tommy

Early reviewers claim the eight-part drama Pam & Tommy, which launches on Disney+ on Wednesday, would make Pammy herself blush.

LILY JAMES has defended the raunchy INTIMATE scenes in her new TV series about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s infamous INTIMATE tape, claiming they’re “essential” to the script.

But Downton Abbey star Lily said: “We really felt that the INTIMate scenes had to be a part of the story and had to be essential to the script 

and progressing their relationship and looking at what happened.

"It was a really great constant conversation and nothing was set in stone.”

The actress, who stars alongside Marvel actor Sebastian Stan, admitted she loved researching the Baywatch babe for the role

 saying: “She was one of the biggest stars on the planet and an icon.

"I got a lot out of this. It was definitely the biggest acting challenge of my life.
"It felt alive and I really loved that.”

However, the Brit beauty does have one regret – not nicking the famous red swimsuit from the costume department.

She said: “I asked to keep it, and they said, ‘no’. I should have just stuck it in my handbag.”

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